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EDUCAUSE Preview: Colleges and Universities Cruise To The Cloud With Campus Cruiser

Campus Cruiser Provides Software Solutions To Colleges and Universities That Enable Them To Do Education Anytime, Anywhere.

campuscruiser-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Colleges and Universities Cruise To The Cloud With Campus Cruiser

Campus Cruiser is not the latest model Jeep found at the Dodge Jeep Ram store for back to school. They’re actually a cloud based software development firm that’s been supporting higher education for nearly two decades. They got their start as a close partner to Ellucian but over the years they expanded that business into Campus Cruiser creating cloud based technologies for colleges and universities.

While their top notch team loves to dive into all things supporting education their two core products are Strata and Knosys.

Strata is a cloud based intranet hub for colleges and universities that brings all of their software platforms together under one easy to understand and accessible roof. It’s an interactive campus engagement engine. Strata connects all the current disparate tools and resources that a school provides into a single Intranet platform.

One thing that Campus Cruiser definitely understands after twenty years in the higher ed business is that no two campus needs are the same. Strata is extremely flexible and customizable. No matter what software resources your campus is using, Strata ties it together bringing the whole campus to the cloud through integration, organization, communications and communities.

Knosys is their interactive classroom in the cloud, Campus Cruiser’s own spin on the learning management system. Knosys packs a powerful punch under the hood but for the teacher and the student it’s simple to use and easy to navigate.  Campus Cruiser wants educators and instructors to spend more time educating and less time fiddling with technology.

The reasons that Knosys is so user friendly is because it was designed for faculty, by faculty.

“Teachers know what teachers like. That’s why Knosys was developed step-by-step with ideas and feedback from the everyday higher ed professor. Not just programmers guessing what teachers want or might use in their classes but on-the-ground teachers presently using Knosys in their own live classrooms. This gives Knosys the teaching know-how only decades of experience can bring.” the company says on their website.

The feature packed LMS allows for easy collaboration and delivery on any device. Knosys is also extremely flexible so whether you prefer video assignments or big out of class projects, Knosys can support teaching and learning.

You can find out more about CampusCruiser at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st through November 3rd, booth #1430 and online at campuscruiser.com