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Make Your Outcomes Meaningful, Measurable and Manageable With CampusLabs

banner-720x90 Make Your Outcomes Meaningful, Measurable and Manageable With CampusLabsEDUCAUSE Preview: CampusLabs Is Transforming Higher Education Through Data

campuslabs-EDUCAUSE-top Make Your Outcomes Meaningful, Measurable and Manageable With CampusLabs

There are a lot of higher education software companies that are trying to help colleges and universities make more meaningful and impactful decisions through data. There is an inherent problem with the way most colleges and universities have stored their data over the years, in silos. Student information systems, administrative systems, enrollment systems, financial systems and learning management systems often live in their own space. When someone wants to try and piece the data together it’s often times over an excel spreadsheet and a very long weekend.  This problem is widely recognized by software engineers, data scientists and higher ed professionals. Unfortunately some of those folks live in separate silos as well.

CampusLabs is one of the only data companies that has brought them all together to form a campus success team.

CampusLabs breaks down all the silos, and all the barriers to make the data that colleges and universities have, work together.  What CampusLabs really does is creates campus intelligence.

The CampusLabs platform is supporting over 1000 schools nationwide in these five areas:

  • Analytics and insight
  • Improvement and accountability
  • Teaching and learning
  • Retention and Success
  • Student Engagement

rsmart-banner-educause Make Your Outcomes Meaningful, Measurable and Manageable With CampusLabsIt all starts with giving colleges campuses of any size a real glimpse at the big picture. Using CampusLabs analytics tools, stakeholders can view dashboards that pull the most important data across different campus systems. The data is then put into an easy to understand dashboard where administrators can understand outcomes and trends across classes, departments, divisions, individual schools and the entire campus.

Insight comes from predictive analytics which can help schools make better, more informed decisions. Administrators and stakeholders can quickly create and call up important reports that can show the big picture in a matter of minutes instead of months. Benchmarking tools make it easy for administrators to see how their student body is stacking up against system wide, state wide, regional and national standards.

CampusLabs also makes it easy for schools with 500 students or 50,000 students to benefit from the same technology.

Improvement and Accountability tools within CampusLabs will make sure that your campus is ready for an outside evaluation whenever they pop up. As more and more data comes in CampusLabs helps schools utilize that data for planning, outcomes management and assessment management.

gtlyfe-720x90-ad-rvsd1 Make Your Outcomes Meaningful, Measurable and Manageable With CampusLabsThe most important piece of CampusLabs has to be teaching and learning. The platform will hep you uncover relevant insights into faculty, courses, departments and even down to the student. Data from CampusLabs can help refine professional development issues. It can also help identify at risk students for an intervention before it’s too late. But more than just saying “Bobby Smith is at risk”, the CampusLabs platform can tell you that Bobby is at risk but can also uncover what’s putting him at risk. Are his days too long, is he doing too many activities outside of academics, is he having to walk too far between classes. Is he struggling with a class and not speaking up? There are a lot of systems that can use numerical data to identify at risk students, CampusLabs looks at the whole picture.  The same goes for faculty, is Professor Jones Monday 8:00am business 101 class reaching their goals quicker than his 4:00pm class on Thursdays? Numbers could easily tell you yes, CampusLabs can help tell you why.

Schools far and wide and of any size are already using CampusLabs, over 1000 of them. Smaller schools like Stony Brook University and Austin Community College are seeing great results, alongside much larger schools like Texas A&M and LSU.

Is your school next? Decide at EDUCAUSE in Philadelhpia November 1-3, booth #543 and online at campuslabs.com 

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