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Take Your Canvas Courses To The Next Level With Cidi Labs

proctori0-720x90 Take Your Canvas Courses To The Next Level With Cidi LabsEDUCAUSE Preview: Cidi Labs Design Tools For Canvas Takes Your Courses To The Next Level

cidilabs-EDUCAUSE-top Take Your Canvas Courses To The Next Level With Cidi Labs

If you’re college or university is using the Canvas learning management system (LMS) from Instructure, Cidi Labs, created by Utah State University, can help take your courses to the next level.

CidiLabs (rhymes with City) first product is design tools. These tools are built to simplify the heavy lifting of making your Canvas content look great in a fraction of the time.  Design tools features include a module builder, due date modifier, a robust but easy to use editing tool and even an accessibility checker.

Their module builder allows you to create and customize your content in minutes using the Canvas API.

Due Dates Modifier allows instructors to manage all of their assignments from one easy to use, realtime dashboard.

The magic really happens in CidiLabs editing tools. Within the Design Tools platform instructional designers and even instructors can design brilliant courses built in advanced HTML, CSS or Java Script without actually having to know advanced HTML, CSS or Java Script.

The Design Tools editor features prebuilt themes, premade content blocks, html snippets, customized color pallets and built in professional icons.

CidiLabs Design Tools even makes it a breeze to work with images. Cropping, resizing, styling and embedding is simple using the upload, embed, image tool.  With Design Tools all of the elements within the course itself are customizable.

They’ve also included page navigation and content structuring to Design Tools. Now you can easily add page headers with navigations, elegant looking tabs, interactive lists of corresponders even instructor and TA contact info.

Anything created or modified using CidiLabs Design tools can be checked for accessibility with the built in accessibility checker. And of course everything is designed to be responsive which means students can access this content on any mobile device or even their laptops and the design will remain the same.

Whether this is your first time designing Canvas courses and content or your a seasoned pro, Design Tools offers help in the form of a contextual help guide built into each screen.

The company was launched in the winter of 2016 and quickly became a Canvas Partner.

If you’re looking for a solution to take your Canvas system to the next level, CidiLabs Design Tools is worth checking out. You can find them in the Startup Alley graduate area at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd  online at cidilabs.com. 

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