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EDUCAUSE Preview: Cirrus Identity, Maximum Identity Security, Easy To Use

Mindappster-Nibletz-Banner EDUCAUSE Preview: Cirrus Identity, Maximum Identity Security, Easy To UseCirrus Identity, Serious Identity Management, Easy To Use

cirrusidentity-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Cirrus Identity, Maximum Identity Security, Easy To Use

Identity management and security on a college campus can be tricky. The average college campus has over 10,000 different users with 40 to 100,000 different logons to manage. This isn’t any easy task to manage, but for the end user it needs to be as simple as possible.  Add an the necessity to have “guest access” for any multitude of reasons and there doesn’t seem like there’s an easy way. Until now.

Cirrus Identity provides a secure, managed platform for guest access, or secondary user access to colleges and universities.  They make it so you can eliminate user frustration and the ongoing expense with creating multiple new accounts and managing forgotten passwords.

For universities they make it easy for external users to login without compromising security or monopolizing the time of your IT department. They also cater to research environments where students, researchers, scientists and others who may not already be on your campus network may need access.

This all boils down to managing usernames, passwords and permissions to users that don’t need full access to every system available.

One great example is parents of college students. Often times they are the ones footing the bill and they need to be able to pay tuition online, register for activities, pay for activities or check up on things their sons or daughters may have forgotten about. There’s nothing more frustrating for a college parent than getting a late notice on tuition because someone forgot to tell them it was due.

Cirrus Identity makes it easy for parents to logon and take care of the things parents need to take care of, while making sure the student can control the parent permission under FERPA regulations. That’s just what they did when they set up parent access for the 14,000 students and their parents at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County). With this installation parents have access to pay tuition and housing bills, check course schedules, and check grades, all with the student’s permission.

Some of the biggest schools in the country, like American University, Penn State, The University of Arizona and Brown,  rely on Cirrus Identity for secure, easy to integrate, user-friendly cloud hosted identity solutions.

They work with each college campus to assess their individual needs. Learn about a better way to manage identity control and permissions with Cirrus Identity. Visit with them in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3 and visit them online at cirrusidentity.com 

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