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EDUCAUSE 17: Collaj Is More Than Video Capture

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE 17: Collaj Is More Than Video CaptureWe Spoke With Collaaj About Video Capture, What They Do and Where They’re Going


Collaaj is a video capture platform and more. It’s simple to use and feature loaded making it easy to capture lecture video, conference video, personal video and much more. They’ve got some exciting things coming soon, like streaming.

Although you may not be familiar with the name Collaj there’s a good chance you’ve used their capture tool. Collaaj has been providing the lecture capture tool found in popular higher ed video products like Kaltura.

Now the company is broadening it’s horizons with a complete video platform for higher education. We liken it to how Samsung screens can be found on iPhones and other popular smartphones while they still have a product of their own.

Aditya Kadambi and the team behind Collaaj know how cumbersome traditional video platforms on college campuses can be. Something as easy as lecture capture often requires special software, bulky hardware and somebody who knows how to operate it all. They wanted to create a solution for enterprise and the college classroom that’s as easy as shooting a video on your iPhone and uploading it to YouTube.

Collaaj makes it easy to do lecture captures. It’s also easy to use for teacher and student created video content. Collaaj videos can include screen captures, presentations, cameras, voice and annotations. They deliver the features you would find in expensive and complicated video software and have simplified it to make creating content fun and fast.

With Collaaj faculty and students can create videos using any device. Then, it can be published with the click of a button.

oneorigin-720x90 EDUCAUSE 17: Collaj Is More Than Video CaptureCollaaj also features a back end similar to YouTube that’s easy to operate with a familiar feel for students. Collaaj can even serve as your campuses own YouTube or video repository.  The Collaaj backend can be grouped using individual class URL’s or channel url’s for faculty that teach more than one class. The platform is also designed to integrate with the most popular learning management systems (LMS).

Collaaj is rolling out their next generation platform right now. You can visit with the team at EDUCAUSE in the graduate area of Startup Alley. There you can learn all about how Collaaj is a great tool for lecture capture and more. Plus, you can register to win a new GoPro. You can register to win the GoPro here online and find out more about Collaaj at collaj.com 

Cirrus-Identity-720x90 EDUCAUSE 17: Collaj Is More Than Video Capture