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EDUCAUSE 17 Preview: .edu Is Crowded, Go .college

Top Level Domains Are Finally Catching On, Go .college At EDUCAUSE

college-extension-educause-top EDUCAUSE 17 Preview: .edu Is Crowded, Go .college

Over the past few years the restrictions on the original top level domains have become more relaxed. It seems that every institution regardless of size, or legitimacy can get a .edu domain name. That’s caused .edu to become quite crowded. Domain name extensions may not be on your college or university’s radar, but they can be quite important. The domain extension is part of your online identity.

Since 2015 more and more higher ed institutions have been turning to the new .college domain extension. This extension is just for, you guessed it, colleges and universities. If your institution shares a name with a high school down the street or a private school across the country, with .college you don’t have to worry about their being any confusion between your college and the other institution.

Is your current business or brand looking to attract college students? That’s another way .college could help. Your HR/Recruitment department could take advantage of the highly visible domain extension to find forward thinking college students and graduates.

Is your company’s corporate training division looking for a new identity? .college would be perfect for that as well.

One of the most relevant places .college comes into play is when your institution’s name ends in College, like Boston.college. Large universities can use the .college extension for each of their colleges within the university.

Domain names work more and more into branding these days. While .edu has been commonplace for colleges and universities for a number of years, .edu isn’t nearly as brand friendly as .college. With .college the possibilities for creative universities and colleges can be endless.

You can talk with a domain extension expert about your domain and domain branding needs at a EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31 through November 3rd at booth #1158 and inline at go.college