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Cytilife Combines AI and iOT To Make Campus Life Easier

EDUCAUSE Preview: See how Cytilife Is Making Campus Life Easier By Combining AI and iOT

cytilife-EDUCAUSE-top Cytilife Combines AI and iOT To Make Campus Life Easier

Cytilife is an app that started on Georgia Tech’s connected campus. The app combines AI, and iOT along with other features found in similar campus apps to help students stay on time, find things, improve academics and get around campus as safe as possible.

The app is powered by a network of sensors and artificial intelligence. The sensors come in the form of stickers, pendants and other wearable items. They collect data that students allow. All of that data is analyzed to provide insights on things that matter to students on campus. When combined with a patent pending artificial intelligence engine, the data is turned into rules that govern how the app behaves for individual users.

For instance, you have an 8:00am across campus. Through the data intelligence Ctyilife knows that it takes you 8 minutes to get to that class. That data may be very valuable when you take a breakfast advisor meeting or want to fit something else into your already hectic schedule. It goes well beyond the nuisance of scheduling.  One of the biggest problems with incoming college students is time management. Often new students want to schedule or attend every activity they Cytilife’s smart scheduler will help them maximize their hours in a day, and make sure they don’t miss a class, or turning in an assignment.

With permissions, the Cytilife app integrates with the apps you already use like your GPS and calendar to also assist in helping you navigate through student life.

The app started as gtlyfe and students use it everyday to manage time, instantly build and manage study groups, stay connected with one another and stay safe.   The app can quickly allow students to broadcast their location and find other students to walk back home with or easily find a ride.

Meet the team behind Cytilife at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st- November 3rd in the Startup Alley. Visit them online at