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Cytilife Wins EDUCAUSE Under The Radar Startup Competition

ferrilli-720x90-2-1 Cytilife Wins EDUCAUSE Under The Radar Startup CompetitionThe Future Of EdTech Is Here, Cytilife Wins Under The Radar Startup Competition

cytilife-EDUCAUSE2-top Cytilife Wins EDUCAUSE Under The Radar Startup Competition

Last week at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, ten startups from the Startup Alley competed in the “Under The Radar” pitch competition. All 10 startups chosen to participate had the chance to pitch a panel of judges and then five minutes of judges feedback.

There were a lot of strong competitors in the “under the radar” competition and a lot of strong technology startups in the Startup Alley. One walk through the Startup Alley and you could clearly see what the future of higher ed, technology looks like.

Sabina Saksena started Cytilife after a plentiful career in corporate America. She spent some time in as a marketing executive at Coca Cola and then went on to Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC). That’s where she got the itch to combine important technologies like sensors, IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) into something that would improve people’s lives.

As she told us in this interview video, she wants to find a closed community like a college campus where she could test out her theories that combining these technologies would improve lives. On the campus of Georgia Tech, it did just that.

Through a network of IoT sensors, AI and other technology, students on campus could get real time data on the availability of shared technology like the equipment in fitness rooms and gyms across campus. The availability of computers in shared computer labs and other communal parts of a college campus are all monitored for availability by the Cytilife app.

If a student wants to workout on cardio equipment they can see if the equipment is available in real time.  If they need time at the computer lab, Cytilife can tell them when it’s open. Even more specialized equipment scheduling can be managed through the app.

Mesh-720x90-Banner Cytilife Wins EDUCAUSE Under The Radar Startup CompetitionWhen presenting Cytilife to the judges in the “Under The Radar” competition, they really saw the potential in what this kind of technology brings to campus. An element of safety comes with Cytilife, being able to tell what students are where in an emergency. Later down the line students may never have to pick up their wallets or even their phones again, to pay for books, lunch or tickets to a campus play.

More than that though is the analytics that can help campuses support student life in ways they never thought possible. Did your campus just build a $50,000 outdoor meetings space just to find that no students ever go in that direction. These are the kind of things that could prove invaluable to college campuses everywhere.

It all started when Saksena’s oldest daughter went to college in Chicago. Saksena knew right away that the technology they are building in Cytilife would be a huge hit.

The judges at EDUCAUSE agreed as Cytilife won the “Under The Radar” pitch competition.

SpyCloud came in second place in the competition. They are a very progressive cyber security company that can protect accounts before they’re taken over.

You can find out more about Cytilife here.

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