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EDUCAUSE Preview: Mobile Is Vital To Students’ Campus Experience, For That There’s DubLabs

Mobile Apps Improve Student Engagement and Success, DubLabs Can Show You The Way

dublabs-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Mobile Is Vital To Students’ Campus Experience, For That There’s DubLabs

When mobile apps were introduced to college campuses around 10 years ago, they were originally thought of as a convenience. A mobile app in 2008 may have had a pdf or two of the campus map, maybe a class schedule, sports schedule and a link to the website. Technology has come a long way since then. Now mobile apps can do just about everything that can be done on a computer, and more.

But the necessity of the mobile app is still not just about convenience. Report after report show that today’s college students come from the mobile first era. Incoming frehmen have never lived in a time without a Google.

A good mobile app that students will actually use will focus on three main areas, and do them right; communication, academics, and campus life. When an institution fails to deliver on any of thee three pillars mobile app usage will fail in comparison to other schools “doing it right”.

DubLabs is a Virginia edtech startup that helps campuses deliver on all three crucial pieces with an equal emphasis on each part,  because that’s what students need.

DubLabs can create a mobile experience that will have students craving more. Universities want their students to use their mobile app first when it comes to anything on campus. Since every school is different, DubLabs offers a variety of different modules that can be customized for each and every school.


DubLabs mobile experiences for schools can facilitate communication from student to student, student to faculty and school wide messaging and notification (for example in the event of an emergency).


DubLabs easily integrates with the most popular learning management systems (LMS) making it a breeze for students to access their coursework, scheduling, grades, and more. Students can use the same app to receive notifications from the school and to receive handouts for class.

Student Information Systems

DubLabs modules can connect students to their tuition payment portal, registrars office, degree auditing and more.

Campus Life

A students campus life is vital to their college experience DubLabs can connect with sports systems, clubs and events, transportation, receration and more.

DubLabs integrates with the most popular college and university software platforms. If they don’t connect to a specific system they can create a custom solution that can. Over 150 colleges and universities with nearly 5 million students use apps created with DubLabs.

Get your college or student on the right path with your mobile app, chat with DubLabs at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3rd, booth #1349 and online at DubLabs.com