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EDUCAUSE Preview: Duo Security Knows Higher Ed Access

modolabs-banner EDUCAUSE Preview: Duo Security Knows Higher Ed AccessProtect Access To Your Student and Faculty Portals With Duo’s Trusted Access Solution

duo-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Duo Security Knows Higher Ed AccessThe access needs in higher education are a lot more complex than one might think. Students and faculty are accessing more information from more places than ever before. Add into that a mix of off-site learners, guest faculty and lecturers and students on multiple campuses and it could be a recipe for disaster. But not if you have the right security and the right access controls in place.

Duo Security understands the dynamic and unique nature of these environments and has helped over 300 educational institutions with providing seamless and secure access to the resources and applications they need for academic success.

Over the past two years, as campuses across the country have made a push to BYOD environments, the need for improved security and access has become even greater. Duo Security continues to innovate with their access and security solutions designed to meet the specific needs of higher education.

gtlyfe-720x90-ad-rvsd1 EDUCAUSE Preview: Duo Security Knows Higher Ed AccessThe company has developed a two factor authentication system that actually fits into the progressive campus lifestyle and academic routine. Duo’s Trusted Access platform verifies each user’s identity as well as their device with a two-factor authentication. In the process Trusted Access, also checks the security and the health of device before granting access.  This way your network remains protected.

Students and faculty use the Duo Mobile app on their device by approving push notifications, the same way they would with Google, Facebook or Apple two factor authentication. This intuitive process means there’s virtually no learning curve, it’s second nature to this generation of college student.

Duo Security can identify devices that may be a potential risk to your network and environment and let’s administrators know about these devices immediately.

Combined with Duo Security’s Single Sign On students can be authenticated with one single sign on to all of their important applications. Duo Security’s suite of access applications keeps track of each user’s privileges to every application on the network and changing privileges is a simple task for your IT department.

Find out how Duo Security can bring your access up to date at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #1253 and online at duo.com 

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: Duo Security Knows Higher Ed Access