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EDUCAUSE Preview: EdBooks, Because Textbooks Shouldn’t Cost More Than $19

EdBooks Re-Invents The Textbooks Because Textbooks Shouldn’t Cost More Than $19

edbooks-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: EdBooks, Because Textbooks Shouldn't Cost More Than $19

When you think startup you typically think that a company was born out of an idea that happened a few months ago or maybe a few years ago. The seed of an idea for Oklahoma edtech startup, EdBooks, was planted over fifty years ago.  That’s when Vance Fried, Emeritus Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at Oklahoma State University found himself taking high school correspondence courses in Oshogbo, Nigeria.

While taking those correspondence courses over 6,000 miles away, Fried experienced the power of distance learning. He spent the next fifty years studying, researching and writing about alternative economic models for US education. In that same time period technology continued to innovate in the world of higher ed, providing a foundation for what would become EdBooks.

Late last year Fried brought Rob Reynolds along as CEO of EdBooks with a clear mission to make education easier, and more affordable in the classroom, in hybrid models and for online learning.

It’s no secret that the days of the $100+ text book are over. While publishing companies are looking for ways to recoup lost revenues from the costs of required traditional textbooks, innovators like Fried and Reynolds saw an opportunity to utilize technology and revolutionize the textbook model.

EdBooks provides media books, virtual digital books that help faculty deliver their ideal teaching solution in the fields of business, humanities and social sciences. These digital books are filled with great content, text and multimedia and built on a foundation called “Stackable Lessons”. With “Stackable Lessons” each lesson is it’s own self contained unit but linked to other lessons which can be ordered and reordered in whatever way an instructor or institution feels, meets the needs of each student.  Each lesson crafted by experienced instructional designers and content professionals, keeping it up to date with what students are learning in college and high school classrooms.

While many digital curriculum providers are trying to keep the price points where they were with traditional textbooks, EdBooks believes that a textbook should never cost a student more than $20. They also believe that a student should have access to that book and all their course materials for life, with no further licensing fees. In fact students will even have access to print the material even after they complete the course or graduate.

EdBooks is set to debut their entire platform on September 8th and make their first wave of mediabooks available for the Sprint 2017 semester. There will be 16 mediabooks available at that time with plenty more in place for Fall 2018.

Shortly after their launch you can check EdBooks out in person in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st-November 3rd and online at edbookslearning.com