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EDUCAUSE Preview: EduNav Is The GPS Students Need To Navigate Their Degree On Time

On Time Completion Should Matter To Every Student and Every School, EduNav Will Get Them There

edunav-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: EduNav Is The GPS Students Need To Navigate Their Degree On Time

Applying to college can be a confusing part of life for a high school student and their family, but after admission things can get a little more confusing. Once admitted, when it comes time to pick courses a student’s mind can be all over the place. There are a lot of distractions that new students don’t see. They don’t realize how much they’re affecting their academic trajectory and impacting the time it’s going to take to get their degree.

False starts, unnecessary or mismatched courses, indecisiveness on a degree path, are all factors that unnecessarily prolong the degree path. It could be innocent, that Graphic Novels and Comics class sounded like a lot of fun to the student when they were picking classes during their senior year.

EduNav Campus Suite is the educational GPS that students need to achieve their academic goals and get to their degree in the quickest, most efficient way.  EduNav calculates the smartest path and keeps students on that path, re-routing in real time like a true GPS. EduNav is able to use data from other campus systems like LMS, to see what areas need to be improved upon to keep students on track for an on-time graduation.

EduNav is much bigger than just degree audit.

It all starts with a Smart Plan which is always personalized, up to date and provides an optimal pathway to completion. EduNav will present the best available schedule that will lead to on-time graduation. The registration process starts with one click. Their fully optimized system creates an educational plan for every student that can accurately forecast course demand for future terms. All the while the EduNav platform provides continual completion analysis, again in real time.

In the background EduNav uses big data analysis, AI and a SmartPlan algorithm that takes in those factors and data from other campus systems to provide an up to date picture and stay the course.

EduNav is keeping more students on track. Find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd, booth #2213 and online at edunav.com 

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