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EDUCAUSE Preview: Breathe Easier With Enrollment Rx Handling Enrollment, Registration, Admissions and More

Enrollment Rx Is A CRM Solution Designed For The Demanding Needs Of College Campuses and Built On The Trusted SalesForce Platform

enrollmentrx-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Breathe Easier With Enrollment Rx Handling Enrollment, Registration, Admissions and More

Has your school jury rigged Salesforce to work in your admissions, registrar and tuition offices? Or worse, are you still running those deparments on shared Excel spreedsheets and Access databases? Neither of those are solutions, they’re actually headaches, or headaches waiting to happen. Just wait until that day when you’ve applied Jennifer B Smith’s tuition check to Jennifer C. Smith’s account, or worse, when you’ve applied Aaron M. Brown’s transcript to Aaron N. Brown’s enrollment entry. If it hasn’t happened 100 times, it will.

Enrollment Rx is a complete constituent relationship management platform built specifically for the demanding needs of colleges, and universities.

Enrollment Rx is built on the backbone of the SalesForce platform, the number one trusted name in CRM, but that’s the only similarity between Enrollment Rx and any other CRM solution in the world. Enrollment Rx is built specifically for higher education, it’s what they do and the only thing they do.  Building their solution on the SalesForce platform provides for more stability, scalability and reliability. There’s no time for downtime in the registrars office and Enrollment Rx knows that.

With Enrollment Rx’s flexible higher ed CRM solutions, your college or university can integrate with legacy systems in a pinch while at the same time future proofing your technology strategy. Enrollment Rx is constantly innovating and creating a better product and all of their customers benefit from that.

Enrollment Rx doesn’t start nor stop with enrollment. They want to make sure you have one CRM system that can manage the entire student lifecycle from their first visit to campus to graduation and beyond. Using the SalesForce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package, Enrollment Rx can leverage every important piece of the student life cycle through HEDA’s tools including; courses, course offerings, course enrollments, program enrollments, terms, programs and affiliations. They can even make things like transferring in or out of your institution easier.

They also go above and beyond typical higher education CRM solutions by offering retention management tools, career services tools and alumni management tools all within the Enrollment Rx platform.

“…The Enrollment Rx product capabilities create an incredible experience for our prospects, applicants, and students, as well as an efficient, data-driven, and easy back-end process for our Graduate College team and our faculty partners in each graduate program. This is a game changer for us, and Enrollment Rx has been the partner we needed to make it all happen.” Dean of Graduate College at UNLV said on the Enrollment Rx Website.

Enrollment Rx is helping campuses across the country get more organized and more efficient which is saving time and money. It also means that even in the registrars office, the admissions office and the business office, the learner is the most important.

Check out Enrollment Rx at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd, booth #1638 and online at enrollmentrx.com