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FlipGrid Is Going To College

EDUCAUSE Preview: Amplify Student Voice K-20 With FlipGrid

flipgrid-EDUCAUSE-top FlipGrid Is Going To College

We’re not sure if EDUCAUSE is ready for FlipGrid (photo: @Design2Research, Charlie Miller, Twitter)

FlipGrid is an amazing tool that teachers in K-12 are adopting at earth shattering speeds. In fact, just over a week ago at FlipGrid headquarters in Minneapolis, during a presentation to unveil “the all new FlipGrid” we learned that a new educator signs up for FlipGrid every 1.2 minutes. 5,000,000 students have had their voices amplified using FlipGrid.

So what is this technology we speak of?

It’s a video platform that allows teachers, professors and instructors to pose a question to students. The students can then reply with a video response.  As each student responds, every other student and the teacher can see what their response is. Also as students respond, their response is added to a grid of videos, that may somewhat resemble the grid in the intro to The Brady Bunch, complete with annotations, links, YouTube videos embedded and more. Teachers love FlipGrid because it’s extremely collaborative and creative at the same time.

Now we’ll tell you when Dr. Charlie Miller, co-founder of FlipGrid, stood on that stage and shared those amazing statistics he never clarified exactly what kind of students or what aged students they were. For maybe 30 seconds of the nearly two hour presentation he did bring up the fact that college students were using it to share and collaborate as well.

We spoke with Miller last week and you may be as startled to hear that 36% of FlipGrid educators teach higher ed. That’s a lot.

Miller himself was a college professor and freely admitted that college professors aren’t as active on social media as K-12 teachers. FlipGrid has become known for their amazing ambassador program that was entirely teacher created, amongst their K-12 users. These hardcore K-12 educators are using FlipGrid for everything from education karaoke to engaging students in history, science and vocabulary lessons.

At the higher ed level, professors are using FlipGrid in similar ways. They’re using it to get feedback from students in a variety of classes, and assessing their grasp of the material. But a tool like this on college campuses with as active as post millennial students are, could easily grow into something used even outside of the classroom.

Colleges and Universities could use FlipGrid as a feedback tool for student run newspapers, SGA, tv shows and more. College professors like to use FlipGrid in conjunction with e-learning and remote learning. Using FlipGrid to answer questions and explore subject matter when some students are local and others remote, gives the students an equal voice, one that can be references again and again.

If you’re “in the know” in the K-12 space than you are probably familiar with how much fun FlipGrid can be at ISTE, FETC and the other big K-12 conferences. They’ve been put in “time out” and reprimanded on more than one occasion for being too busy. What can they say teacher’s love it. “What are we supposed to do when 300 teachers are visiting our booth at a time” Miller asked on our call. He explained that they normally pick a booth towards the back because they know how active their community is.

FlipGrid will be at EDUCAUSE, in Philadelphia, October 31st through November 3rd, let’s just say EDUCAUSE is the ISTE of Higher Ed, where we are sure they’ll find a lot of fans, users and future users. If you’re using FlipGrid in your college class or thinking about it, or if you have friends who are college professors and want to catch the #FlipGridFever, make sure you tell them to visit FlipGrid at EDUCAUSE, booth #1752 and online at flipgrid.com