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FlipGrid Goes “Home” At EDUCAUSE, Sort Of

proctori0-720x90 FlipGrid Goes "Home" At EDUCAUSE, Sort OfColleges and Universities Are Using FlipGrid In Amazing Ways

flipgrid-EDUCAUSE-interview FlipGrid Goes "Home" At EDUCAUSE, Sort Of

If you ask the world of social media, FlipGrid is one of the most popular engagement tools in K-12 education. Their video platform allows students to engage with other students, teachers in content in unprecedented ways. But what many people don’t realize is that FlipGrid actually started in Higher Education.

Dr. Charlie Miller was teaching at the University of Minnesota when he set out on a global journey to discover the ways that teachers in the far corners of the world, taught.  Miller went to the far reaches of the world like the northern most parts of Norway on this discovery journey, learning and discovering a lot.

That’s why he and Brad Hosack came up with the idea for FlipGrid. They hard coded a tool that would allow Charlie to share information via video with students back home in Minnesota and then students could collaborate back with Charlie on his journey. Many of these students were actually PhD candidates who discovered that this new video platform was one of the most engaging mediums for students in the world.

FlipGrid then trickled down to K-12 education where it caught on like wild fire across the social stratosphere made up of today’s most active K-12 teachers.

It was there on Twitter and other social media platforms that teachers started things like hashtag #flipgridfever designed to spark interest across other teachers, share ideas for collaboration and results from using FlipGrid.

What people may not realize is that FlipGrid quietly continued to grow in higher education as well. Today instructors, professors and teacher’s assistants are using FlipGrid for similar things that their K-12 counterparts are using it for.

Higher Ed instructors use FlipGrid for video feedback from students, collaboration, reaction and more. Instructors and higher education researchers are using it as a collaboration platform as well.

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 FlipGrid Goes "Home" At EDUCAUSE, Sort OfHigher Ed instructors aren’t as active as their K-12 counterparts on social media but FlipGrid definitely has a place in colleges and universities across the globe.

In the interview above we talk with Joey Taralson who was at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia talking to thousands of higher ed instructors, CIO and IT personnel about how to integrate this amazing tool into even more higher ed institutions.

Taralson talks to us about some of the ways that higher ed is using FlipGrid everyday. Some of them may surprise you. He also gives us the skinny on the most important question of all. You’re going to need to watch the whole video just to see what that is.

Watch the video above and for more information check out flipgrid.com here.

Mesh-720x90-Banner FlipGrid Goes "Home" At EDUCAUSE, Sort Of