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EDUCAUSE Preview: Visualize Your Enrollment Data With GlyphEd

rsmart-banner-educause EDUCAUSE Preview: Visualize Your Enrollment Data With GlyphEdUnlock The Full Potential Of Your Enrollment Data With GlyphEd

glyphed-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Visualize Your Enrollment Data With GlyphEd

Enrollment data visualized as “glyphs” each geometric shape and color represent a data point making it easy to visualize and compare (image: glyphed.co)

3M has said that humans process visuals 60,000 x faster than text. Google has said “Data are widely available; what is scarce is the ability to extract wisdom from them”.

College and Universities have a treasure trove of data that should be available at their fingertips, and while it may be in text form, it’s hard to make impactful, data based decisions with text based data.

Colleges begin collecting data in the enrollment office from the first time contact is made between college and the prospective student. Inbound data could come from an email inquiry, survey, social media, campus visit, visit at a conference or trade show, or any other number of ways.

Even more data comes into play when the student actually applies. Grades, hobbies and interests, sports, extra curriculars, volunteer information, health records, parent and family data and more is all hidden in the data files in the enrollment department.

GlyphEd is a data visualization tool that is specifically designed to help stake holders make impactful decisions about enrollment using data.  Enrollment departments make decisions that will impact the rest of a young adults life. Colleges welcome any opportunity to make those decisions based on better data.

GlyphEd gives college enrollment offices a new and better way to interact with data, discover insights and make decisions. Not only that but it speeds up the enrollment process.

Within GlyphEd’s platform there are several ways to view, use and compare data. Users view the data in “glyphs”. Glyphs sit on top of a colleges or universities current systems. They look a little odd at first, geometric shapes in a variety of colors. But each shape and color are telling a different data story and when put all together you see the entire hollistic picture, every single data point on every single student, active and enrolled, and prospective. Users can move the identical glyphs next to one another identifying students that are similar. With GlyphEd less students fall through the cracks in the enrollmeng and admissions department and even through their college career, thus improving retention.

You can check out GlyphEd in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3 and online at glyphed.co

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