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EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley Startups

proctori0-720x90 EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley StartupsStartups In The EDUCAUSE Startup Alley Are Innovating Across All Areas Of Higher Education

EDUCAUSE-guide-startupalley-top EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley Startups

This year’s EDUCAUSE conference is set to be bigger and better than ever. That includes adding more to the Startup Alley of the exhibit hall, basically located right in the middle of it all. This year over 25 startups from across the globe and across all ares of higher education make up the Startup Alley.

As an added bonus this year, EDUCAUSE has brought back some of the other successful startups we’ve seen at EDUCAUSE in years past, in an area dedicated to Startup Alley Graduates. Here’s a guide to the startups in the Startup Alley section, all noted in the official EDUCAUSE App with an “S” booth number.



AccelerEd as an innovative education technology company. Led by Greg Smith with a career in both in higher ed and technology. Smith’s higher ed experience includes the University of Maryland, University College and the University of Indianapolis. His experience in edtech over a decade with Hobson’s. AccelerEd is introducing a new edtech product at EDUCAUSE this year. Find out more here and visit them at booth S9 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Go beyond the typical learning management system with an infusion of today’s latest technology. Aeronomy creates virtual learning environments. Virtual Learning Environments are on-demand, scalable learning solutions that allow educators and institutions to deliver world class educational content to learners and students across any device. Find out more here and visit them at booth S27 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley

Alpha Computing Inc

Alpha is designing a new kind of wearable that will change the way students think. The Alpha wearable measures pupil cognition, a research grade neuroscience device made to empower students and teachers in the classroom. See it for yourself at booth S4 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley StartupsCognomos Inc

CourseMatch by Cognomos has changed the old, outdated auction style of matching students with seats in available classes. CourseMatch puts the students on a much more level playing field through a points based system. They’re already using at Wharton with great results. Find out more here and visit them at booth S15 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Collaaj is the easiest tool to use for lecture capture and more. Even if you haven’t heard of it before there’s still a good chance that you’ve used it as their lecture tool has been powering some of the largest video platforms out there, like Kaltura. Collaaj also is an easy way for conference room capture, personal capture and more. Find out more here and in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE booth G6 


Cytilife started on the campus of Georgia Tech as GTLyfe a new campus life app that uses sensors and beacons to enhance the overall student experience for safety, convenience and to drive student engagement. Learn more about them here and visit with them at booth S21 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


ecree is helping students become better writers. The platform is somewhat similar to Grammarly but rather than correcting for grammar, or a spell check correcting for spelling, ecree provides a check of the structural features of the paper. It tells if students have a clear thesis statement, that the body paragraphs support the thesis and the conclusion sums it all up. It looks at the mechanisms of a good essay by using 26 different metrics. Find out more here and visit them with at booth S8 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Edbooks believes that textbooks shouldn’t cost more than $19. They’ve created media books, virtual digital books that help faculty deliver their ideal teaching solution in the fields of business, humanities and social sciences. These digital books are filled with great content, text and multimedia and built on a foundation called “Stackable Lessons”. With “Stackable Lessons” each lesson is it’s own self contained unit but linked to other lessons which can be ordered and reordered in whatever way an instructor or institution feels, meets the needs of each student.  Each lesson crafted by experienced instructional designers and content professionals, keeping it up to date with what students are learning in college and high school classrooms. Find out more here and visit them at booth S19 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Fire Oak Strategies

Fire Oak Strategies is a woman led boutique firm that knows information management, information security and knowledge management. The 100% woman owned Fire Oak Strategies was founded by Abby Clobridge. Fire Oak provides knowledge management assessments, knowledge management development programs, curation services and security strategies. They work 1:1 with their college and university clients to develop solutions that work best for every institution. Find out more here and visit them at booth S10 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


GlyphEd will help your institution unlock the full potential of your enrollment data. GlyphEd is a data visualization tool that is specifically designed to help stake holders make impactful decisions about enrollment using data.  Enrollment departments make decisions that will impact the rest of a young adults life. Colleges welcome any opportunity to make those decisions based on better data.GlyphEd gives college enrollment offices a new and better way to interact with data, discover insights and make decisions. Not only that but it speeds up the enrollment process. Find out more here and visit them at booth S6 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Honeyfire/ Flypost

Honeyfire has created Flypost the first event app for colleges that Gen-Z students will actually use. Flypost is an app that allows students to come to one place and find all of the events going on around them. Flypost also empowers students to share their events as well.  Flypost even allows for ticketing and for event creators to update their audience on a regular basis.  The event features; schedules, events, tickets, announcements, news, groups and more. It also allows event creators and even administration to view real time analytics. Find out more here and visit them at booth S11 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

rsmart-banner-educause EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley StartupsKomprise

Komprise makes data management easy for colleges and universities. The company offers an intelligent data solution that’s virtually plug and play. Komprise’s intelligent management system can; Tell you how much data you have. Tell how fast data is moving.  Identify where data is bottle necking.  Tell how fast data is growing.  Tell what users are growing the data.  Set policies to offload data onto other network components and the cloud.  Move data to cheaper storage.  Optimize data processes.  Identify where you could save money on data storage and data processes. Find out more here and visit them at booth S18 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


LogicHub offers unparalleled security intelligence and fast. Their security intelligence automation protects your college or university’s network with future forward technology.  LogicHub’s technology is called SIA, Security Intelligence Automation. It’s in this future forward space above traditional SIEM based and human solutions, and ahead of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions which are still a few years away. SIA has taken the cyber hunting techniques of the best cyber security specialists and found a way to automate those techniques. SIA automates the process of identifying unknown threats for triage and resolution. LogicHub’s platform automates these threat hunting techniques like scoring, clustering, correlation and mapping. Find out more here and visit them at booth S17 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Mesh Intelligent Communications 

Mesh will increase engagement, safety, inclusion, collaboration and retention through their innovative communication app that’s like Slack for education. Mesh is the future of student to student and student to faculty communication, on campus, and available now. There’s no learning curve with Mesh. For many students and faculty members it will be intuitive, and if not there’s tutorials right within the Mesh platform that will have students communicating instantly. Find out more here and visit them at booth S1 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


MindAppster is disrupting knowledge management through social and integration. MindAppster has created an app called C-Mi. C-Mi is a new kind of matching app.C-Mi is a matching app designed to help match people based on academia and knowledge, where two people could benefit from one another. With C-Mi users create a profile based on interests, thoughts and ideas. Often these profile characteristics can stem from what students are studying. When the user is somewhere like the student union, student center or a coffee shop C-Mi performs a proximity based search matching the criteria in the profiles. When there is a match the app asks if each user wants to meet up for a conversation. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S23 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Need a way to motivate students? Motimatic can reach students with your motivational messages, campus messages and more, exactly where students are using the web and some of the most popular apps. They replace advertising inventory in some of the most popular places with motivational messages and campus announcements. For instance when a student visits Facebook instead of that ad for the latest Samsung phone or some new shoes, they might see a motivational ad talking about reaching degree goals or positive study habits. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S20 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

OneOrigin LLC

OneOrigin LLC has created the first higher ed focused AI framework. OneOrigin has a solution to solve that problem and her name is Sia.  Sia is an artificial intelligence framework designed specifically for Higher Ed. When a prospective student arrives on  your website they can be greeted by Sia. Students can talk directly to Sia using their own voice or they can type, and they can find what they really want. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S13 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

Mesh-720x90-Banner EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley StartupsSalty Cloud

Salty Cloud has proven security solutions specifically for higher ed. Colleges and Universities are often the largest, most complex networks for security firms and password management software to handle. Salty Cloud, an Austin based cyber security startup has the knowledge, understanding and technology to deliver, not only to higher ed but to sophisticated, large and distributed enterprise.  Salty Cloud currently offers five products; Stache, Dorkbot, Panopticon, SENF, and ISORA. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S3 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

SmartThink, EduLAI

EduLAI is a next generation AI assessment tool. EduLAI will unlock the powers of artificial intelligence (AI) to assess students as they are going through online learning programs. The machine learning and AI algorithms will be able to measure a student’s comprehension of the skills being presented, track how they learn and anticipate where their trouble areas are. Instructors, educators and online learning developers will be able to use this important feedback to create better online learning experiences.  Find out more here and visit with them at booth S25 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


StREAM from Solutionpath, improves retention, engagement and quality of life on campus and unlocks the power of your student data. StREAM is a multiple award winning learning analytics platform. It’s designed to help universities understand engagement and improve attainment. StREAM does this through traditional avenues like looking into LMS and SIS tools but it goes even further than that. The systems algorithms examine historical data and real time digital interactions from centralized data points like library swipes, and e-learning portals. If your school has a student that’s never tardy, goes to the library four times a week and logs into their LMS every night by 10pm, if that student suddenly stops doing those things, it may be time to intervene. No other system offers this kind of insight. Find out more here and visit them at booth S26 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


SpyCloud protection protects colleges and university accounts and credentials before they are taken over. SpyCloud takes your domain information, usernames, credentials and email addresses and once they’re entered into the system they protect your faculty and student body before account take over. They also monitor the underworld to see if your information is being traded amongst identity thieves.  The company offers unparalleled protection and warning. Find out more here and visit them at booth S2 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE Guide: Startup Alley StartupsSysCloud

SysCloud’s protection goes beyond cyber security and filtering and protects students on and offline. SysCloud protects your cloud based systems like G-Suite and O365 Mail, Drive and Chat,  with the same if not better, enterprise class security that you would expect from a local system. SysCloud’s always on functionality is constantly checking your cloud based systems for threats, malware, phishing and more.SysCloud’s vision is to keep 100 million students worldwide safe online and at schools, colleges and universities.  They do this in obvious ways as described above but they take the protection of our students to the next level. SysCloud and it’s filtering technology can also scan your cloud based networks for signs of self harm, cyber bullying, adult content, radicalization and other dangerous conversations that could ultimately lead to saving and changing students lives. Find out more here and visit them at booth S24 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


TestWe is revolutionizing off-line assessment and provides an off-line cheat free testing platform. They call it “security beyond simplicity”. With TestWe instructors have an online platform with encrypted data. The assessment integrity is provided via an off-line platform for students.  TestWe is perfect for colleges, universities, workforce learning and even K-12 schools. Their revolutionary off-line system promises to be less complicated then most online proctoring solutions and with maximum integrity. Find out more here and visit them at booth S5 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Ulyngo offers the first peer to peer marketplace exclusively for college students. This makes peer to peer transactions safer while adding a new element of student engagement. Ulyngo authenticates student users through their ID systems, that way buyers and sellers know exactly who they are buying and selling from. They’ve also baked in safe, and secure payment protocols, including the ability to integrate with University payment systems so that students don’t need to use cash for their transactions. Their platform can be white labeled for your institution. Find out more here and visit them at booth S12 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


VocaSee is an Israeli startup that has created a cloud based automatic transcription platform that has simplified the process of having videos transcribed for closed captioning, subtitles and accessibility. Transcriptions of audio and video files that once took days, can now be turned around in a matter of hours if not sooner. Find out more here and visit them at booth S16 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.



VoiceVibes is your own private speaking coach. Whether you’re an entrepreneurship student pitching business plans or a chemistry student presenting research, chances are you’re going to find yourself in front of an audience.That’s where VoiceVibes comes in. They’ve created a software platform that will help coach you through delivery in the privacy of your own home, dorm room or in the car.With VoiceVibes you record your natural presentation into the software platform. After it’s recorded it analyzes your presentation for several factors including; pausing, pace, up speak, variety in pitch, volume and pace and much more.  In addition to the raw analysis VoiceVibes also provides tips that will explain why pausing so much is bad or how improving your pace will help drive home your points. Find out more here and visit them at booth S28 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Wisr is connecting current students and alumni in new ways. Wisr is an online platform that helps build online communities of students, alumni and supporters to connect, share knowledge and drive meaningful career outcomes.  Wisr works 1:1 with alumni departments and campus officials to sync alumni and student directories, integrate campaigns and launch the Wisr community at their school.  Current students and alumni create profiles. From there they can explore the Wisr platform and let the AI driven “Intelligent Advising” tools get to work, matching alumni with students for advisory sessions.  Wisr is completely transparent. Colleges can look at dashboard data in real time and see just how effective Wisr is on their campus. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S7 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.


Xpereal is helping to bring VR and AR into the higher ed classroom. They help startups enter the education world and help colleges and universities find the right VR and AR solutions for their students. Xpereal is an immersive experience consultancy dedicated to solving real problems, virtually. More importantly, Xpereal, led by education veteran, Peter Campbell, is a one of a kind consultancy with the real world experience to help startups break into the education market.  At the same time, they also have the experience to help schools and higher ed institutions make informed decisions about VR, AR and other immersive technologies. Find out more here and visit with them at booth S14 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley.

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