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EDUCAUSE Preview: HelioCampus Provides Unparalleled Data Analytics For HigherEd

HelioCampus Comes Directly From HigherEd, That’s How They Can Stand Behind Their Data Analytics For Your College Or University

heliocampus-top EDUCAUSE Preview: HelioCampus Provides Unparalleled Data Analytics For HigherEd

More often than not, as a full time edtech publication we hear the words, and say the word, “for educators, by educators” a lot. This is actually a really good thing for technology companies in education, however in most cases it’s a story about a teacher or two, or an administrator or two, who came together to build a tool for other educators. In the case of HelioCampus, it’s a little different.

In 2015, the University of Maryland University College spun out their entire office of analytics into a new tech startup called HelioCampus. UMUC, part of the University of Maryland System, had created and refined data analytics tools that were able to deep dive into all the university’s systems and give professors, administrators, and other stakeholders an indepth look at everything from campus operations to student performance. The overall goal was to help the university make better decisions based on data analysis.  And it worked.

HelioCampus provides business intelligence and services to colleges and universities nationwide. The University of Maryland University College chose to spin off the office of analytics because they knew the data they were coming up with was extremely valuable to all kinds of schools and higher education institutions. They also wanted to use the profits from this new data analytics company to help drive student tuition at UMUC lower. And it’s working.

The platform that HelioCampus has built integrates with a college or university’s existing systems and requires no special technical expertise to set up. That means more time analyzing.  HelioCampus takes all of this data from all of these system and transforms it into easy to understand, insightful and comprehensive reports and dashboards. After installation a HelioCampus data analyst helps interpret the data and identify key trends as well as raises important questions based on the data on an ongoing basis.

All of this equates to more actionable data and more decisions being made that will help the school and help the student.

You can find out more about HelioCampus’ data analytics program and their story of how they took the office of analytics and created a separate company, at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st through November 3rd, booth #1052 and online at heliocampus.com