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EDUCAUSE Preview: Find The Best Post Secondary School, And Finish Strong With Hobsons

Hobsons Tools; Naviance, Intersect, Radius and Starfish Help Students and Colleges Fit Better, and Finish Strong

hobsons-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Find The Best Post Secondary School, And Finish Strong With Hobsons

(photo: Twitter)

Hobsons is an educational technology software company committed to helping students and post secondary schools find the perfect fit. Their commitment to higher education doesn’t stop there. Hobsons also makes sure that students finish college strong, and focused.

It all stats with Naviance by Hobsons. Naviance, the winner of the “Best College and Career Readiness Solution” in the 2017 CODiE Awards, is a software platform designed for high school students. The software helps identify and align a students strengths and goals leading them to a clear college or career path. Once their post secondary path is defined, Naviance helps develop individualized plans to reach those goals.

Naviance is a great tool, and of course there’s other companies out there offering similar value propositions. What sets Hobsons apart from those is that their other software tools are designed to keep those exact same students moving forward through their college process.

Intersect by Hobsons is designed to help college admissions offices focus on students that are the best fit for their institution. Admissions offices often focus on getting as many prospects into the pipeline as possible. Then they start the long and grueling process of weeding students out that aren’t a good fit, losing thousands of hours in manpower and time devoted to bad fits, just doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Intersect helps raise awareness of your college or university with potential “best fit” students, their families and their school counselors allowing schools to communicate directly with those students.

Radius by Hobsons takes over from where Intersect leaves off. It’s a complete Higher Ed CRM tool designed to take those best fit students and those enrolling at your college or university and keeping track of them through the important parts of the student life cycle. This allows universities and colleges to deliver personalized service and communication to prospects, admitted and enrolled students.

Once the best fit students are identified and enter your college or university, Starfish by Hobsons helps them stay there. Starfish is an enterprise student success and retention solution that integrates with SIS, LMS and other existing technologies used on campus with perspectives from real people working with real students.  Starfish can easily identify things that students are struggling with and the best ways to overcome those hurdles. It also helps students stay focused on their degree goals. All of that leads to higher retention rates and higher graduation rates for the students and the college or university.

All of Hobsons tools are designed to offer a clear path from finding the best school, to finding the best fit student and then seeing those students earn their degrees.

You can check out Naviance, Intersect, Radius and Starfish from Hobsons at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd, booth #1709 and online at hobsons.com 

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