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EDUCAUSE Preview: Hootsuite Is The Tool You Need To Manage Campus Wide Social Media

Features, Experience, Ease of Use, Collaboration; That’s Why More Colleges and University’s Trust Hootsuite To Manage Their Campus Wide Social Media Strategy

hootsuite-highered-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Hootsuite Is The Tool You Need To Manage Campus Wide Social Media

We’ve reported on a lot of companies that are improving engagement by improving the mobile experience for students on college campuses. Most of the top companies that are creating mobile portals or mobile apps for college campuses and campus life are integrating social media in some way shape or form. But we haven’t covered a lot of good tools for campuses to embrace social media.  The funny thing is, we’ve been using the best tool to manage social media on a college campus since 2008 and didn’t even realize it.

A lot of edtech companies that end up partnering with us as sponsors, often ask how we originally heard about them. Other companies want to know how we seem so much more timely than some of our much larger rivals. It’s true nibletz.com is often the #1 Google news source for edtech events, but where do we get our info.

Outside of traditional avenues, a crap ton of Google alerts and people just emailing us leads, we’ve relied on Hootsuite since 2008 to keep us up to date on social media. We’re able to see what the socialsphere is talking about in education and education technology, which is a sharp indicator of what’s to come.

But what about Colleges and Universities

Social Media is big business on campuses, it’s the way today’s students communicate with one another, it’s not a tool for them or an extra app or even just fun. It’s THE way they communicate.  But social media goes beyond students talking about a party or snapchatting how “extra” they are.  3/4 (that’s 75% for those keeping score) of the class of 2015 used Social Media when deciding where to enroll. Now remember that means they were checking out prospective colleges and universities via social media in 2010.  58% of college presidents use Facebook to engage with students and 55% use Twitter. 57% of colleges and universities use social media to raise money from donors.  That means you need a great tool for social media.

Hoostuite offers a wide variety of tools across easy to understand dashboards including; streams, publisher, analytics, assignments and campaigns. All of these tools make it more efficient to manage a campus wide social strategy.

Here are just some examples of how Hootsuite can help your campus’s social media team.

Listening: What are students, prospective students and alumni saying about your college or university? Hootsuite allows you to set up streams that can monitor social media users, hashtags, DM’s, mentions, RT’s, new posts and more. These streams are easily customizable and can search just about anything.  You could create a search string for “applying to” “XXX University” and every time someone said “applying to”‘XXX university” you could mark, interact, retweet or reshare that post.

Increase student enrollment: Using Hootsuite’s features like publisher, scheduler and teams you can offer consistent and constant messaging tailored for each social platform and audience.

Single Voice: Hootsuite allows multiple team members to manage all of your social media accounts which allows you to have one single voice. All of the team members can see what’s on the schedule and what social media posts have run which prevents redundancy. Many campuses do adhoc posting, typically meaning that the school’s social media channels run on a dozen or so people’s devices. With Hootsuite, even if one of your team members had a big “oops” moment, another team member could very quickly remedy the situation across all accounts.

Reputation: Hootsuite can help you manage your online/social reputation. By requiring approval to post and other integrated features there are no “oops” moments on social media. Everyone is on the same page. Also, when someone is upset with your school and it’s brand those issues can be very quickly addressed.

Mass Notification: Outside of your schools mass notification system, using a unified social media management system like Hootsuite means you can quickly send the same emergency or safety messages to all of your social accounts at one time. Then, also using Hootsuite you can reply to questions all from one platform, dashboard or the Hootsuite app.

If you’re a fan of Hootsuite, or new to the idea you can visit with them at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st – November 3rd, booth #641 and online at hootsuite.com/industries/higher-education


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