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EDUCAUSE Preview: iDashboards Puts Important Data At Your School’s Fingertips

iDashboards Is Transforming Data Analytics At Your College Or University

idashboards-educause-top EDUCAUSE Preview: iDashboards Puts Important Data At Your School's Fingertips

There’s data available everywhere from a wide variety of tools already found on college campuses. A schools Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Accounting Systems, Administrative Systems, excel spread sheets, iPEDS files, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and more. That’s a lot of data and a lot of numbers to crunch. There are a variety of ways to display that data, but none quite as easy as a dashboard.

Dashboards have been around for the last decade or so in a variety of formats. They often pull data from a variety of sources and make it easy to manipulate in a graphic user interface. Often times those dashboards are great for a birds eye view but not much more than that.

iDashboards specializes in data visualization that brings clarity to your data in a variety of industries.

iDashboards makes it easy for colleges and universities to create feature rich, data rich dashboards that can easily track all of the key performance indicators (KPI) pertinent to the success of your institution.  Universities can create dashboards for any kind of data and then share them with other key stake holders or even the public.

There’s no limit to what iDashboards can do with your data. In the higher education environment iDashboards can be used for all of the data that helps run the school, develop students, faculty and even raise money, but it can go beyond that. iDashboards can be used in statistics classes or to convey research data to the general public.

For instance, Penn State created dashboards of US census bureau data for various demographics of the commonwealth.  From the data available from the 2010 US census Penn State created these dashboards covering everything from historical census data to municipal and socioeconomic data.

Other schools use iDashboards to track retention, degree auditing, even enrollment and marketing efforts.

You can check out the power of iDashboards at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd and online at idashboards.com