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EDUCAUSE Preview: Identity Automation Can Manage The Rapidly Changing Demands Of Campus Life

Rapididentity From Identity Automation Is An Identity Solution Built For Colleges and Universities

identity-automation-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Identity Automation Can Manage The Rapidly Changing Demands Of Campus Life

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the complex digital identity needs of a college or university. No two colleges are alike. Rapidly changing factors like enrollment, software needs, different levels of authentication and more, require an identity management solution that can scale and address the unique identity and access management challenges of higher education.

On the surface this is something we rarely think about. Students and faculty typically get some kind of network sign on and in many instances, manage multiple different username and password based logins. If a college or university is fortunate enough to have a single sign on system, that system usually can’t navigate the different authentication levels that each individual user may have.

State schools can have enrollments topping 100,000 students, add to that a few thousand faculty and staff members and that’s one big identity and access management challenge. In colleges and universities any one user could have 10 or more different systems they need access too. Faculty members and students may also need a variety of different authentication levels. For instance an instructor would need access to all of their students records, and then they may need access to records of other students for whom they are advisors. The athletic department needs a whole different set of access. This can be very confusing. The University of Maryland College Park for instance employs a dozen people in their IT department strictly dedicated to access management.

Many institutions have turned to Identity Automation for their higher education identity and access management needs. They’ve built Rapididentity a solution designed specifically for the intricacies and demands of the college campus.

Rapididentity can solve

  • users with multiple roles and access levels
  • increased technology demands in the classroom
  • managing users at scale
  • growing numbers of contingent and external users
  • ad-hoc access requests

If your campuses specific identity and access management need isn’t covered in Rapididentity already, Identity Automation will work with the institution to custom build a product to fit that need. Schools like Florida International University, Santa Clara University and the Lonestar System all trust Identity Automation. After all identity automation and access management are the first protection for student privacy.

Find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st- November 3rd and online at identityautomation.com