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It Takes A Village, In Inscribe’s Case It Takes A Community To Drive Student Success

EDUCAUSE Preview: Inscribe Is Scholar Sourced Learning Support, Just In Time For Students

Inscribe-EDUCAUSE-top It Takes A Village, In Inscribe's Case It Takes A Community To Drive Student Success

They say it takes a village right? Well in the case of Inscribe it takes a community and that’s where it starts for this unique platform that creates scholar, student sourced learning support for higher education. Inscribe connects communities of educators and students to provide highly scalable, context specific support, when and where students need it most.

Students join Inscribe communities based on the subjects they are studying. Once in the community they can ask and answer questions from their peers and other educators that are in the community, creating meaningful conversation, getting needed answers to questions and building a knowledge base on that particular subject matter.

Like in any community there will be students and educators at all ends of the spectrum. Some students will have questions in one area and answers for another. The conversations that occur within Inscribe are also valuable subject matter discussions that happen outside of the classroom that could easily be brought back up in their own class.

Inscribe captures all of these valuable discussions and adds them to their knowledge base for the next group of students that are studying the same subject matter, class after class and semester after semester.

Inscribe also integrates with popular LMS systems so that the discussion can occur alongside the subject matter. They also give educators analytics and the ability to monitor discussions and easily identify struggling students well before they even take their first exam. At the same time educators can identify students that are more proficient in the subject matter, that they could lean on to help their peers.

Students participating in Inscribe communities are also learning important 21st century skills like collaboration, self management and information literacy, creating a more rounded student.

Inscribe was created by Crafted Education an education consultancy specializing in K-20 with over 30 years of experience. They created Inscribe because they know all too well that teachers, educators and professors don’t have nearly enough time to help and support students as much as they would like. Inscribe opens a whole new world of support for those students.

You can visit with Crafted Education and see Inscribe for yourself in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3rd and online at inscribeapp.com