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From Orientation To Graduation, Involvio Has College Students Engaged

EDUCAUSE Preview: Involvio Keeps College Students Engaged From Orientation To Graduation

inolvio-top From Orientation To Graduation, Involvio Has College Students Engaged

When a new college freshmen sets foot on campus for their orientation they are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other students, but inside, they’re all alone. They’re worried about where they’re going, if they will be there on time and if they are missing anything important.

It’s this first engagement with students that’s vital and that’s why Involvio starts with an orientation app. From the minute students are accepted into college and informed of their orientation date they can download Involvio where they can get to work planning their orientation.

The Involvio Orientation App allows students to choose their own sessions, their track and in under 30 seconds, using their smartphone, each student builds a tool that can help them navigate through the process.  Students will get detailed guides, agendas and directions, insuring they’re on time and where they need to be when they need to be there.

Involvio also offers a communication portal that keeps each student up to date with last minute changes and allows students to ask for help if they need it.  It’s all mobile, the way students expect it to be.

Campuses can get feedback, update schedules and see how engaged each student is.  They can turn that information into actionable data and it’s all coming from the student’s first real experience on campus as a student.

Involvio then segues into their school year app, an app that centralizes what used to be fragmented systems across campus. The school year app for students makes sure they have access to important resources, ways to connect with peers, stay organized and attend important events.

Involvio’s school year app quickly becomes the students main scheduling app for anything and everything related to school. It integrates easily with student information systems (SIS), Google Calendar and Facebook events, insuring your students don’t miss anything.

Involvio is easily customizable, administrators can change everything down to the app colors to reflect school colors. Beyond that, an administrative dashboard provides data analytics about students and how they are interacting with the app and if they are staying on time and getting where they need to get. Administrators can also use the admin dashboard to quickly change other app settings.

Involvio makes sure students stay involved and they make it simple. You can check them out at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd and online at