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EDUCAUSE Preview: Kuali Helps Manage Your Students From Enrollment To Graduation

proctori0-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: Kuali Helps Manage Your Students From Enrollment To GraduationKuali’s Cloud Based Tools Help You Focus On What Matters Most

kualli-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Kuali Helps Manage Your Students From Enrollment To Graduation

Kuali is a software company with a goal, to simplify higher ed administration. Their cloud based tools, including; Kuali Student, Kuali Financials, Kuali Research and Kuali Ready help colleges manage their entire student lifecycle from enrollment to graduation and everything in between.

There is so much that goes on behind that scenes at every college and university, but most educators don’t get into higher education to write grants, fill out paperwork or manage financials. They are in it to help students learn and to take young adults and set them on a path to success. There are a lot of software companies out there, designing products for higher education. Unfortunately, a lot of those companies come up short in one area or another.

Kuali and their four core products, provide the technical tools to support each moving part of a student’s life cycle, making it easier for faculty to get back to teaching and students to get back to learning.

Kuali Student

Kuali Student is a feature packed curriculum management and catalog management platform. The platform is designed to help administrators manage every aspect of learning  design. If your institution is offering traditional courses, or if your school is trying new approaches to learning, Kuali student can help administrators, instructional designers and faculty create and expand programs to meet the needs of today’s students and learning environments.

Using Kuali’s Curriculum Management tool, you can:

  • Make better curricular decisions based on a single source of truth
  • Speed the approval process without sacrificing quality and consistency
  • Build a more collaborative environment to work toward common goals
  • Gain insight into learning outcomes across the institution

Today’s colleges and universities are offering hundreds of courses in any given semester. As part of Kuali Student the Kuali Catalog Management tool helps institutions, big and small, keep accurate and timely catalog information so that all of your faculty and students are on the same page. With Kuali’s Catalog Management tool, you can:

  • Keep catalogs current with native integration to Kuali Curriculum Management
  • Make updates in real time
  • Help students explore and identify course offerings faster with robust search tools
  • Create and manage academic policies with simple workflow tools
  • Automatically generate a list of changes made after publication

oneorigin-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: Kuali Helps Manage Your Students From Enrollment To Graduation

Kuali Financials

Kuali Financials is a cloud based modular financial system that is designed specifically for higher education. It reduces the burden on your school’s IT team because it’s designed for ease of maintenance.  Kuali Financials allows colleges and universities to easily track, allocate and control funds. Financial statement audits are quicker and more efficient and all of your school’s backend administrative processes are designed with workflows specific to each institution.

With Kuali Financials, colleges and universities don’t need to worry about their software ever being out of date. Like Google as soon as an update or new feature is ready it’s immediately available to you. Also, if your school ever leaves Kuali the code is open and the data stays with the institution, there’s no holding your important data hostage.

Kuali Research

We couldn’t find another higher ed software platform that handled curriculum and catalog management, financials and research. As we said earlier, Kuali wants to make sure all of your college or universities processes are easier so you can focus on learning. One of the most long tail and painful processes for administrators, professors, researchers and instructors is research and grand writing. Kuali Research streamlines those processes so that research dollars can get back to your institution quicker and utilized better.

Kuali Research helps institutions of all kinds simplify research administration processes and make better decisions faster. With Kuali you can speed funding, reduce risk and work more efficiently to grow research volume and put those dollars to good use.

Kuali Ready

The final piece of the Kuali platform is Kuali Ready, software designed to make sure your entire college or university is running as efficiently as possible.

“Kuali Ready’s guided planning process, which draws on more than a decade of continuity planning experience at major institutions” the company says on their website.

Kuali Ready is:

  • Specific to higher education and makes sense to campus stakeholders
  • Guided prompts simplify complex processes
  • Standard reports show plan status across the institution and identify gaps
  • All-hazards approach helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Easy to implement so you can get started in hours, not weeks

The Kuali team will be at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1 – November 3, booth #1819 you can also check out all of these great products at kuali.co

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