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Take Your Lab Digital With LabArchives

EDUCAUSE Preview: LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Reduces Waste and Cost While Making Instruction and Engagement Easier

labarchives-EDUCAUSE-top Take Your Lab Digital With LabArchives

LabArchives is a digital lab management platform that is being used by scientists, research labs and institutions worldwide. In fact two Nobel prize winning scientists rely on LabArchives for all of their lab and lab note management.

The company now offers a classroom edition for colleges and universities that helps reduce waste and cost while making instruction and engagement easier. LabArchives is an intuitive, electronic lab notebook system that allows professors to view, manage, and engage with students and their notes at a push of a button.

Professors can upload and publish their course materials directly to students at the push of a button, insuring that everything students need for the lab are readily available when they get started.

While all professors like to be as quick as possible at grading and reviewing student material, it’s imperative that science professors are consistently up to date with where each student in their lab is at. Because of the fast paced nature of a lab and the fact that students need to be able to move on to the next part of the research or experiment, many science professors spend hours after class reviewing pages and pages of hand written notes. LabArchives drastically reduces this time.

Students use LabArchives instead of traditional notebooks to store all of their notes. Professors can then access notes, critique, grade work and make suggestions on the fly from anywhere in the world. Professors can even look into the notes in real time and identify students having problems with the material or the lab. Giving professors nearly real time access to what their students are doing in the lab can greatly reduce cost and risk.

LabArchives even makes the lab safer. The platform eliminates the need for paper which can be a distraction and a fire hazard. Also, because professors have real time access to student notes they can spot a grave mistake before the students make it. If a student jots down the wrong equation or chemical compound, a professor can quickly correct the student.

For graduate students and seniors, using LabArchives gives them a peak into using a tool that’s widely implemented in professional labs.

You can visit with LabArchives at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd and find out more at labarchives.com