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EDUCAUSE Preview: When You Need A Laptop, LaptopsAnytime

laptopsanytime-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: When You Need A Laptop, LaptopsAnytimeLaptopsAnytime Is The Innovative Solution To Public Laptop Deployment

In 2008 Dallas based entrepreneurs Matthew Buscher and Jonathan Ruttenberg set out to give back to the community by making it easy and convenient to “borrow” a laptop in places like libraries, schools, universities and even factories. Nearly a decade later their kiosk based technology incorporates both laptops and tablets, from a variety of manufacturers and has found many uses at colleges and universities across the country.

The LaptopsAnytime kiosk can be configured to dispense laptops only, tablets only or a combination of both. While in the kiosk the devices are charged and lent out to students utilizing their ID Cards, credit cards or both. The kiosks can be sent to charge a rental fee, a late fee, neither or both. This makes it an easy solution for students that don’t bring their own devices or leave them at home or in the dorm room and then end up needing one.

LaptopAnytime kiosks are great for university libraries. Libraries can free up desk space of big and bulky laptops and when students need a computer, and don’t bring their own, they just go to the machine and borrow one. The machine is equipped with several security features including complete integration with Student Information Systems (SIS) and other databases so the machine knows exactly who is using the laptops or tablets.  If the devices are not returned to the kiosk in a timely manner they can be remotely, and automatically shut off.

The kiosks are configured to deploy devices from Apple, HP, Acer, Dell and even Google Chromebooks. Up to 30 devices can be deployed with a footprint of just 5 feet wide, making it an ideal solution for tight spaces.

Laptops and tablets can be configured with all of the software tools that students use everyday on campus making it a breeze for any student to borrow a laptop and get right to their LMS account or other software.

LaptopsAnytime will be at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31 – November 3, booth #749 or check them out online at laptopsanytime.com