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Make Your Student Experience Memorable From The First Contact With Liaison

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 Make Your Student Experience Memorable From The First Contact With LiaisonEDUCAUSE Preview: Meet and Exceed Your Enrollment Marketing Goals, Make The Most Of Your Admissions Process With Liaison.

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How is your college or university keeping up with enrollment marketing efforts. How are you tracking prospects. How many prospects are converting to admissions?

What systems do you have in place to maximize your enrollment efforts? Chances are you may have heard of Liaison. There’s even a good chance that somewhere within your organization or your system there’s a Liaison Centralized Application Service already employed.  That’s because Liaison has been serving the enrollment and admissions needs of higher education for over 20 years. Over 800 institutions use Liaison services and products, serving over 7000 programs nationwide. Liaison has processed over 2,000,000 applications.

Liaison knows that every institution has different needs. They offer comprehensive feature packed platforms that help institutions, programs, applicants and associations.  They offer a variety of solutions to serve the varying admissions and enrollment needs across higher education:

  • CAS, optimizes admissions process, from professional associations to admissions offices.
  • UNICAS, is the only solution that provides a unified view of enrollment efforts across your institution or system.
  • GRADCAS, is a solution that allows institutions to focus less on process and more on building better graduate classes.
  • BUSINESSCAS, extends institutional reach and improves efficiencies for graduate business and management programs.
  • ENGINEERINGCAS, helps you better recruit, enroll and admit students while saving time and money each admissions cycle.

modolabs-banner Make Your Student Experience Memorable From The First Contact With LiaisonBefore you can handle admissions though, you need to make sure that your enrollment efforts are maximized. We’ve written so many articles that have highlighted the ways that today’s college students are different than any other class, ever. The Gen-Z students want it, and they want it now.

Technology, mobile devices, emails, texts, chats, mobile apps and more have made students coming into college today more independent. More and more students are taking complete control of the application process. Up until about 10 years ago the application process was a family affair. Families would sit around the kitchen table, map out a strategy, plan some visits, apply and move in. 10 years ago the age of the helicopter parent started with more and more parents trying to take complete control of the application process. The past few years, students themselves have taken control of the process. From searching for colleges, researching them, finding out requirements, executing requirements and communicating with the schools.

That means that your enrollment marketing technology platform needs to keep up with the fast paced student, and sometimes their parents as well.

EMP from Liaison, helps institutions create and track campaigns that will reach these prospective students anywhere and everywhere they may be. EMP creates integrated web, email, text, print and voice messaging campaigns.

banner-720x90 Make Your Student Experience Memorable From The First Contact With LiaisonWith EMP your institution can identify and engage top prospects:

  • Launch personalized electronic, digital and print enrollment campaigns.
  • Provide immediate, personalized responses to student interactions.
  • Continuously engage with prospects throughout the admissions cycle.
  • Score students based on their actions and focus your efforts on those most likely to enroll.
  • Utilize event management tools to maximize campus visits, open houses and virtual tours.
  • Create a private social network to fully engage accepted students.

Institutions will benefit comprehensive campaign management services

  • Multi-channel campaign management, including variable print-on-demand
  • Student relationship management and scoring
  • Digital marketing and social media integration
  • Automated event management
  • Online marketing campaign results tracking
  • Professional creative and campaign management (optional)

Colleges are known for their academic track records, credentialed faculty and event their sports programs. By choosing Liaison for your enrollment and admissions departments, students will have a memorable and impactful experience from the minute they start thinking about attending your school.

Find out more about the Liaison difference at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31 – November 3, booth #844 and online at liaisonedu.com 

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