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EDUCAUSE Preview: LogicHub Offers Unparalleled Security Intelligence, Fast

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: LogicHub Offers Unparalleled Security Intelligence, FastLogicHub’s Security Intelligence Automation Protects Your College or University’s Network With Future Forward Technology

logichub-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: LogicHub Offers Unparalleled Security Intelligence, Fast

Many large scale networks utilize Security Operations Centers that are built on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. SIEM, for lack of a better word, is a rules based format where a school’s cyber security or IT team can create a long list of rules and the system notifies them if the rules are broken.

Like many rules based systems across any industry the inherent problem with SIEM based systems is that the rules are completely black and white.

SIEM solutions are a lot like email filtering rules in GMail. If you tell Gmail to move any emails from @twitter.com to a folder without viewing them, the one time you actually correspond with a person at Twitter you’re email is lost in the filter forever.

With SIEM solutions, sometimes rules are so precise that they miss things and sometimes they aren’t good enough, and in that case they miss things as well. Kumar Saurabh, the co-founder and CEO at LogicHub says “they generate too much noise”, and he’s right.

Yesterday we talked a bit about the specific needs of colleges and universities in the network environment. In the security world there are also specific factors, somewhat unique to the college and university experience. For instance, colleges and universities onboard anywhere from several hundred, to several thousand users every semester. With those new users come new sets of issues, new potential security threats  and thousands of devices.

As crazy as this may sound, this turnover of users is almost like trying to find all the bed bugs in an international terminal at any of the world’s largest airports. As a security professional you don’t know what users are bringing what threats onto your network.

modolabs-banner EDUCAUSE Preview: LogicHub Offers Unparalleled Security Intelligence, FastThis is precisely the reason Saurabh and Monica Jain teamed up earlier this year to create and launch LogicHub an infosec firm that’s bringing a new core technology to fend off threats and intrusions on the networks of college campuses.

LogicHub’s technology is called SIA, Security Intelligence Automation. It’s in this future forward space above traditional SIEM based and human solutions, and ahead of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions which are still a few years away.

SIA has taken the cyber hunting techniques of the best cyber security specialists and found a way to automate those techniques. SIA automates the process of identifying unknown threats for triage and resolution. LogicHub’s platform automates these threat hunting techniques like scoring, clustering, correlation and mapping.

“By automating this process we are essentially enabling you to clone and deploy your cyberanalysts to where they are needed most. We think it’s innovative solution that the market is demanding.” Saurabh said.

The distinct advantage for LogicHub and SIA on college campuses is that SIA is the technology that will find the unplanned and unknown threats that traditional SIEM solutions can’t. Technology is changing and cyber criminals are finding new ways every minute, to penetrate the largest systems in the world.

Data from colleges and university users is some of the most sought after data on the blackmarket and dark web. College data repositories house student’s names, addresses, social security numbers, birthdates, parents names, makes and models of their cars, license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers and even credit card numbers. Some college and university systems even house health information on these individuals. Basically, if hacked, college student data is an instant source of identities for identity thieves.

It’s also some of the hardest data to protect.

LogicHub’s SIA is a great way to prepared for the next imminent cyber threats and protect your institution’s network from them.

You can find out more about LogicHub in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd and online at logichub.com

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