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EDUCAUSE 2017: The Magic Of Accessibility

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 EDUCAUSE 2017: The Magic Of AccessibilityMagic Software Is Higher Education’s Accessibility Technology Partner

magicsoftware-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE 2017: The Magic Of Accessibility

Everyone deserves a chance at a good education. Unfortunately for those with a wide range of disabilities there is a struggle to keep up and create makeshift solutions to level the playing field.

A young person, in their late teens and early twenties shouldn’t have to worry about how they are going to access websites, applications, peripherals and other learning materials. Regardless of their ability they should be enjoying the world of college to the best of their ability. They should be learning new things and exploring subject matter that they want to study.

More than 6,000,000 students are currently covered by the Individuals With Disabilities Act (IDEA). Those student may have a visual, auditory, cognitive, or motor skills disability. Many have been dealing with these things their entire lives. As they head into college they want as much independence as their peers have, within their means, and shouldn’t be stifled by accessibility issues with learning technology.

Luckily there’s Magic Software. Magic specializes in creating accessible learning solutions, with the number one goal of creating an equal opportunity in the classroom for all students. By partnering with Magic Software, not only will students using your learning material have better accessibility solutions, Magic Software will ensure your compliance, after all accessibility is a legal requirement.

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE 2017: The Magic Of AccessibilityMagic Software partners with the leading instructional designers, textbook publishers and other companies that are creating content for higher education. They make sure that those awesome learning materials that colleges and universities are choosing for their students, are available to all of their students.

Partnering with Magic Software means that their is a better user experience for the end user, the student. It also means that there is a wider market with universal content that can be consumed by all. And of course there’s that issue of compliance. Partnering with Magic Software means that the content you create for higher education meets WCAG Section 508 compliance standards.

When you started creating educational content you wanted it to be for everyone, Magic Software ensures that it is.  Magic Software will be in Philadelphia for EDUCAUSE October 31- November 1st to set up a meeting or get more information visit this page.  Follow Magic Software on Twitter, here. 

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