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EDUCAUSE Preview: Mesh, It’s Like Slack For College But Much Better

Increase Engagement, Safety, Inclusion, Collaboration and Retention On Your Campus With Mesh

mesh-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Mesh, It's Like Slack For College But Much Better

Mesh is like Slack for college but only better. What’s Slack you ask? Well all of your millennial and post millennial students are either already familiar with Slack and the way it works, or soon will be. You see, Slack, and Mesh are instant communication tools that are designed for groups and collaborating, the way this generation is accustomed to.

Mesh is the future of student to student and student to faculty communication, on campus, and available now. There’s no learning curve with Mesh. For many students and faculty members it will be intuitive, and if not there’s tutorials right within the Mesh platform that will have students communicating instantly.

With Mesh it’s easy for students and faculty members to find each other by class, dorm, college, fraternity, club or any other group across campus, and we know there are many. This is all done without the need for students to have each other’s phone numbers or even special usernames or IDs.  Mesh brings everyone onto one platform by using your already in place Student Information System,  Active Directory or Active Enrollment integration.

Once integrated, Mesh automagically parses the data and puts everyone into groups that they fit into naturally.  Later on students and instructors can group themselves into new groups, maybe around a fundraiser or a sports team. This means that students and faculty are always on the same page and always up to date with one another. The college or university has the ability to communicate with the entire organization as well, for safety reasons or campus wide announcements, instantly.  Students and faculty can customize their notifications but still never miss an emergency alert from a faculty member or administration.

Because Mesh doesn’t use student and faculty phone numbers if someone loses their phone, upgrades or changes their number they can still instantly be part of the mesh networ

File Sharing

Mesh also has instant file sharing making assignment collaboration a breeze. Students can share their files with the entire group or select which users to share files with. Once they share a file in Mesh it stays in an easy to access folder so there’s no scrolling through hours and days of text messages looking for that file.

Mesh is the instant communication tool that colleges and universities have been looking for. Students love it because it’s just as easy to use to keep up with school work and academic life as it is to keep up with campus life and their friends.

Check out Mesh in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31 – November 3rd and online at