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There’s A New Kid In Town, Filled With Ideas, Cinteg Can Help

ferrilli-729x90-a There's A New Kid In Town, Filled With Ideas, Cinteg Can HelpEDUCAUSE 2017: Cinteg Is an Integrated Thinking, Integrative Knowledge Management Tool, Ripe For Today’s College Environment.

A new kind of student is among us. We’ve talked countlessly about how the Gen-Z  student is dependent on mobile technology and how they’ve never lived in a time without Google. That means that they also learn differently. We see this in two uniquely different but aligned ways.

The Gen-Z student is accustomed to seeking out knowledge and information on their own. They soak up knowledge like sponges. The average, focused, 2015 high school graduate easily left high school with up to ten times more knowledge than a student that graduated just ten years before.

The Gen-Z student is also more collaborative than students of previous decades. But there’s a catch, that collaboration is almost always supported by technology. Spend some time in a closed Facebook group of college sophomores. You’ll see students collaborating on ideas, concepts and “one upping” each other. Some to generally help their fellow student, others just for the “one up” but either way, collaboration is happening, knowledge sharing is happening. Facebook and other social networks are a miserable place to capture that.

Cinteg is an integrative knowledge management app, the likes we’ve never seen before. It’s the easiest way to manage collective intelligence, like the online discussion example used above.

Cinteg is a knowledge management app that can be used in whatever way the user learns, thinks, shares and develops ideas. It’s perfect for what Viktoria Popova and Bob Clougherty, the founders of Mindappster, and inventors of Cinteg call “individualized collaboration”.  What this means is that the user can develop their own ideas and then with peer review and collective intelligence the learning community can support your ideas and turn them into solutions or add them to the collective knowledge base.

This is great for students who are sharing knowledge with on another. It’s also great for faculty sharing knowledge with one another, making interdisciplinary connections at any level or doing research.

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 There's A New Kid In Town, Filled With Ideas, Cinteg Can HelpThe Time Is Right For Cinteg

For today’s modern student, the Gen-Z student, learning and knowledge don’t come fast enough. 20 years ago, going through college there would be professors working on fascinating research in a variety of disciplines. It would be years before this research would be published. If we, as students, were lucky enough, ten years down the road we may stumble across a professor’s book at Barnes and Noble.

Today’s students want that knowledge now. They want to be involved and even with the rapid implementation of digital learning and e-textbooks, that’s not enough.

The other thing we’ve seen, over the past five to ten years or so, is a real shift in the faculty mentality. Students have always thought of themselves as smarter than the teachers. On the contemporary college campus, faculty actually realize that in today’s world there are things they can learn from students.

This is the beauty of Cinteg when it’s used across students and faculty. Collectively they are rewriting, contributing and updating the knowledge base.

Cinteg and Mindappster are the first to support this new knowledge economy.

You can try Cinteg out now on Android and iOS by clicking here. 

Mesh-720x90-Banner There's A New Kid In Town, Filled With Ideas, Cinteg Can Help