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EDUCAUSE Preview: Statistically Speaking, Minitab Is The Best Way To Teach Statistics

Using Minitab To Teach Statistics At Higher Ed, Prepares Students With Real World Skills

minitab-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Statistically Speaking, Minitab Is The Best Way To Teach Statistics

For decades upon decades Statistics has been taught in college the old fashioned way, with books, paper and pencil. Spreadsheets, graphs and ledger paper were all done by hand. Technology in the workplace and enterprise evolved more rapidly than it did on college campuses nationwide.

Minitab is one of the tools being used in companies everywhere for data analysis. In fact, 90% of the Fortune 100 companies use Minitab today.  Minitab is more commonplace in companies today than Microsoft Word or Excel. With that much market share, it’s only natural that Good Statistics programs in colleges and universities everywhere also teach Minitab.

Teaching Minitab in college not only gives students a good grasp of all the functionality of Minitab but also an amazing overview of how Statistics are used in the “real world”. Minitab knows how important their software is in the academic space. They support education in a variety of ways.

With Minitab for Education students learn on the actual software that companies are using everyday.  Minitab’s powerful tools and graphs cover all the statistical methods needed to teach beginning through advanced courses.  Using Minitab in education makes it easier to analyze data and learn Statistics. Guidance throughout the software helps students understand not just the software but the statistical concepts and how the software got from point A to point B.

For the instructor,  Minitab provides access to hundreds of resources including lesson plans, instructional videos, classroom applications and more. Also the Minitab team has educational team members specifically to help instructors with teaching Statistics and teaching Minitab.

Minitab’s commitment to higher education is unparalleled. In addition to the amazing resources provided to educators nationwide, Minitab provides a website for students to see which Companies are hiring for Minitab experience. Companies like GM, Electrolux, Firestone and Johnson & Johnson are looking for people proficient in Statistics, data analyzation and Minitab, daily.

You can find out more about Minitab at Educause, October 31st through November 3rd in Philadelphia, booth #1442 and online at minitab.com