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Wifi Sucks Almost As Bad As Parking, Thankfully There’s Mist

new-mindappster-educause-banner Wifi Sucks Almost As Bad As Parking, Thankfully There's MistEDUCAUSE Preview: Mist Is The New Wireless Campus Network, Ready For Gen-Z

mist-EDUCAUSE-top Wifi Sucks Almost As Bad As Parking, Thankfully There's Mist

In multiple surveys across the internet, wifi on campus tops the list of complaints from today’s college students. It’s right up there next to parking, which anyone who’s spent anytime on a four year college campus, knows is a big issue.

Gen-Z students are always on the move and they expect their devices to stay connected wherever they go. Some may call that entitled but it’s a fact of life facing IT departments at colleges and universities big and small. Students need to know that the paper they are dictating to the cloud in the student center will continue, without fail, all the way to the parking lot and beyond. But traditional, legacy wifi networks are failing them.

Mist, and their Learning WLAN is designed to withstand the beating of modern college life. The Cupertino based company calls it “data science meets wireless wizardry.

modolabs-banner Wifi Sucks Almost As Bad As Parking, Thankfully There's Mist

Mist offers colleges campuses consistent and reliable wifi and Bluetooth LE Personalized Services supported by an AI Backed Wi-Fi assurance service. Mist’s new wireless system is able to make observations across it’s own network and make adjustments with data provided by machine learning. It’s constantly monitoring it’s own framework and infrastructure and can anticipate when it’s going to get crowded preventing wifi bottlenecks found on many of today’s large college campuses. Mist identifies real time user state information and can tell down to the device when something is causing a problem. Giving IT departments root cause identification in just one click.

In layman’s terms, Mist uses next generation technology to monitor when the network is most crowded. It automatically adjusts to accommodate more devices, and adjusts again as traffic slows back down. Mist can also tell when a certain device is problematic for the network, and quickly isolate that device so the network never suffers. This all translates to happier students, faculty and stakeholders across your campus.

Mist can’t help you decide where to build another parking lot but it can virtually eliminate complaints about your wifi network on campus. Find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #133 and online at mist.com 

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