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EDUCAUSE Preview: ModoLabs Gets The Campus Mobile Experience

See Why Some Of The Top Universities In The World Trust ModoLabs

modolabs-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: ModoLabs Gets The Campus Mobile Experience

Mobile has quickly become one of the most important factors in campus life engagement for students across the country. Post millennial students are mobile first, it’s the way they were born, it’s how they’re wired. Today’s college student is used to having a super computer in their pocket, and using it to access information when they want to, how they want to, and ridiculously fast.  It’s also been proven time and time again that today’s students prefer a native mobile experience over a website optimized for mobile viewing. They want their apps to open up in their apps, not on their mobile browsers.

One company that really understands the college student mobile experience is ModoLabs. They’ve created a feature packed tool for colleges and universities that streamlines, redefines and captivates the mobile experience.

With ModoLabs schools turn to their platform to create a mobile app that runs in a native environment and has all of the mobile features their students want and need. They can custom pick from a large number of tools to add to the app that cover everything from LMS integration to tuition payments, transportation to campus life, heck there’s even the option to integrate Uber.

After the framework for a campus’s mobile experience is created, faculty can quickly update, add and change content almost as easily as updating a Facebook status.

ModoLabs is not an app development shop and it’s not a DIY tool for creating mobile apps and experiences. What it is, is a way for colleges, universities, businesses and events to create rich, feature packed mobile apps with no coding experience required,

“Whether you work in admissions, the deans office, the athletics department or the arts department, you can publish to ModoLabs mobile experience because there’s no coding experience require”. a Courtney Austermehle, the company’s Vice President of Marketing explained to at Bbworld 17 earlier this summer.

An abundance of Division I colleges have already turned to ModoLabs including Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Texas A&M, Auburn, Notre Dame and more.

Accelerate your school’s mobile game with ModoLabs, check them out at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st – November 3rd and online at