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EDUCAUSE Preview: Modo Labs Makes Extraordinary Mobile Apps, Your Own

Modo Labs Is Helping University’s Nationwide Make Extraordinary Mobile Apps, No Experience Necessary

modolabs-top-2 EDUCAUSE Preview: Modo Labs Makes Extraordinary Mobile Apps, Your Own

Modo Labs is making quite a name for themselves. The Boston baed edtech company is helping colleges and universities far and wide create extraordinary mobile apps with no experience necessary. A decade ago mobile apps were “a nice thing to have” on college campuses. Now, a colleges mobile experience is being tied directly to student retention. 

At one time that notion may have seemed silly but today’s students are different. These Gen Z students practically grew up with a mobile device in their hands. They’re fiercely independent and that’s driven by the fact that they can pick up a super computer in their pocket and find out whatever it is they need to know and pretty much do whatever it is they need to do. Modo Labs understands that.

With all that in mind the show and tell app your school undoubtedly spent a fortune on in 2010 is far outdated. Students and teachers want access to information and the ability to act on that information in the palm of their hands. They want it now.

Modo Labs involves the campus team and when possible, students themselves in helping to build extraordinary, customized mobile apps that can be updated, using their publishing module, in minutes.

Modo Campus is the company’s solution that allows universities and colleges to quickly and easily create mobile apps that engage prospects, students, faculty and alumni. Whether your school’s goal is to improve communication, give instant access to information, enhance recruitment or all of these activities, and more, Modo Campus can do it.

Modo Labs will work hand in hand with the college or university to understand their unique design needs. Once the design is ready, school’s can pick through several pre-built modules that insure users have access to everything a campus has to offer. These modules include:

  • Agenda
  • Calendar
  • Athletics
  • Computer Las
  • Courses
  • Dining
  • Directory
  • Emergency
  • Feedback
  • Indoor Maps
  • Publisher
  • Tour
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • News
  • Parking
  • Photos
  • QR Codes
  • Registrar
  • Social
  • Transit
  • Video
  • Uber

If for some reason you cant’ find what you need in a pre-built module, Modo Labs will do everything in their power to make it happen.

With a campus app from Modo Labs a student can check his or her grades, tuition account balance, see what’s for dinner, check the hours in the library, receive emergency campus notifications and even hail an Uber. The possibilities are limitless and the overall experience is a customized, easy to use and beautifully designed app experience.  It’s more like bringing Word Press to mobile app design rather than using Wix.

Modo Labs has also caught the eye of major industry partners like BlackBoard. The popular LMS recently announced that they were abandoning their internal app development arm, Mosaic, in exchange for using Modo Labs to create apps for their partner institutions.

You can check out all the buzz for yourself at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #825 and online at