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EDUCAUSE Preview: Motimatic, Motivation That Works For College Students

Mindappster-Nibletz-Banner EDUCAUSE Preview: Motimatic, Motivation That Works For College Students
Motimatic Is An Easy And Effective Way To Motivate Students

motimatic-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Motimatic, Motivation That Works For College Students

We are led to believe that motivating and communicating with millennial and post millennial students can be tricky. One of the keys to motivating and communicating with today’s modern student is reaching them where they actually are. That means using mobile, social media and the Internet.

You could spend an entire academic year trying to figure out the most cost effective and best ways to use mobile, social and the Internet to reach your students, or you could just check out Motimatic.

San Francisco based edtech startup Motimatic, uses behavioral science, algorithms and other secret sauce to deliver motivating messages and campus communication to students. Their technology dives further than just a bunch of tweets or ad buys. Motimatic reaches students in natural places.

Motimatic reaches students on their favorite apps, social networks and websites. They replace advertising inventory in some of the most popular places with motivational messages and campus announcements. For instance when a student visits Facebook instead of that ad for the latest Samsung phone or some new shoes, they might see a motivational ad talking about reaching degree goals or positive study habits.

The Motimatics platform works across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, SMS and email. It also works while students are perusing their favorite websites.

rsmart-banner-educause EDUCAUSE Preview: Motimatic, Motivation That Works For College StudentsCurrently college graduation rates are less than 55%, that leads to an increased focus on driving students to their completion goals. Motimatics scientific based platform applies theories of behavior change currently used in commercial advertising and social impact campaigns to increase engagement and improve student outcomes.

“Colleges and universities are grappling with the challenge of keeping pace with students’ shifting digital engagement and consumption habits,” said Alan Tripp, co-founder and CEO of Motimatic said in a statement earlier this year. “Motimatic’s system streamlines this process, enabling higher ed institutions to reach students through the familiar channels they are already using.”

Motimatic is far more than just a motivational advertising firm. Their proprietary message library and message framework are deep rooted in behavioral science and were developed in cooperation with MIT, Stanford, UVA, and Harvard. Their methodology has been proven time and time again.

For example, at Arizona State a controlled assessment of behaviorally informed email messages vs the status quo yielded a 72% improvement in the rate at which students met a priority filing deadline for FAFSA.

Institutions can use Motimatic for motivational messaging, but also for campus wide reminders. Find out how Motimatic can be integrated into your college or university in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31-November 3 and online at motimatic.com 

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