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Notebowl Is The Social Learning Platform, Done Right!

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 Notebowl Is The Social Learning Platform, Done Right!EDUCAUSE Preview: Notebowl Makes Learning As Easy As Facebook

notebowl-EDUCAUSE-top Notebowl Is The Social Learning Platform, Done Right!

What if you were a college professor or instructor and everything you needed to do to prepare for class, keep track of class materials, interact with students, distribute assignments, collect assignments and notify students of due dates was as easy as using Facebook?

That’s what you get when you use Notebowl, a social learning platform, finally done right.  Notebowl makes it simple to drive engagement in class and on campus, during class time and even on the weekends.

In Notebowl you create learning communities around the classes you take. You can treat each individual class as a community or even make one community across all the classes that you teach. Once your students are in your community they can talk to each other, ask questions, get answers and have access to all of the information needed to succeed in your class.

Instructors can share class notes, videos, pdfs, and other class material within the community. They can also distribute worksheets and instructions for assignments. Assignments can be distributed directly within Notebowl and instructors can grade them in Notebowl as well. As an assignment is turned in, an easy to use grading system lets the instructor grade the assignment and instantly give feedback on it. Students can privately ask questions about their work directly with the instructor as well.

notebowl-officehours-ss Notebowl Is The Social Learning Platform, Done Right!

Notebowl has reinvented office hours giving instructors and students more flexibility (image: notebowl)

Instructors can easily record and broadcast their lectures within Notebowl leaving the lectures posted for students to watch when they have the time. When students watch lectures live there’s a Q&A function so they can ask questions during the lecture. When they’re not watching it live they can leave comments and ask questions as well, very similar to a Facebook Live video.  Using Notebowl’s video tools and chat capability, instructors can host office hours anytime, from anywhere, even sitting at their kitchen table insuring students have the most opportunities to succeed.

Students can make real connections beyond just the instructor. As students interact with one another in group discussions around class material they can set up study groups or other offline contact. They can find public communities within their college or university and join those as well. Whether they’re in the HAM radio club, student government or pledging an academic sorority, every active interest group on campus can have their own Notebowl community.

Notebowl also makes it easy for students to keep up with their grades, assignments and due dates through their Automated Agenda feature.  Important due dates and class dates are saved as reminders in students’ smart phones.

Notebowl is also the most effective way to communicate with students taking your class, the entire campus and 1:1. Several studies have shown that college aged students have already, for the most part, abandoned email in exchange for more instant connections like messaging apps and notifications. Notebowl provides both.  Better communication leads to better retention. Better retention leads to more completion. With the current graduation rate hovering around 59% it’s important for colleges and universities to use tools that students are familiar with and that will drive engagement, Notebowl is that tool.

You can chat with the Notebowl team in the graduate area of the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3 and find them online at http://notebowl.com 

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