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The Future Of College and AI

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 The Future Of College and AIEDUCAUSE 2017: One Origin’s SIA Artificial Intelligence Framework Is What The Future Of College Looks Like

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There are a lot of technologies fueling the future of higher education. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality will soon have a place in college classrooms and lectures across the country. Machine learning and big data, and data analytics are already improving the backend of multiple higher education systems.  Most digital learning platforms have gone with a mobile first approach.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will grow on college campuses as well. We’re not talking about cyborgs or anything scary. The AI we will see will be coming from companies like OneOrigin, designed to improve campus life, academic performance, and productivity.

OneOrigin and their AI framework is not a new AI platform in itself. Rather it’s a framework utilizing the best of the AI platforms that are available today. Their framework is a very strong backend system that will support:

  • new student acquisition
  • personalized learning
  • adaptive learning
  • student retention

SIA will support these critical higher education areas through four main pillars; explore, engage, onboard and transform.

The company is starting with new student acquisition. When a prospective student arrives on  your website they can be greeted by Sia. Students can talk directly to Sia using their own voice or they can type, and they can find what they really want.  Several large universities have already started working with the Sia technology, and it’s working, providing a better, clearer student acquisition process for prospective students.

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Many companies that are calling themselves “AI” are actually chatbots working on top of the major AI engines like Alexa, Google Now, Siri and Watson. Sia and OneOrigin dive much deeper and connect the dots in a much more robust way, drawing from millions of data points, analyzing data in less than one second and using proprietary algorithms to help students pick the perfect school

When it comes to learning, Sia will be able to help students make smart choices when building their academic schedules.  A first year student headed into their second semester will be able to use Sia to find the optimum classes and schedule. Sia is learning this students behavior and understanding their interest. Sia is also taking historical data like grades and attendance, and along with those interests, will help them select classes that they not only need but that they will enjoy and that will fit into their schedule. Sia helps ensure academic success.

Speaking of academic success, using the learned data from students Sia will not only be able to tell a student when homework is due, but based on previous behaviors, Sia will be able to tell him or her when the best time would be to start working on that assignment. “John you have three papers due next Thursday you should start on this computer science assignment no later than tomorrow at 3pm” may be something that Sia tells a student.

This isn’t just some futuristic mumbo jumbo or something you would see in a futuristic movie. The team at OneOrigin already has the new student acquisition module running and they are preparing other Sia functionality for roll out very soon. Sia is the only artificial intelligence company out today that has a working AI interface on their website. You can try it out by clicking here.

See Sia for yourself this week at EDUCAUSE, booth #S13 in the EDUCAUSE Startup Alley. Read more here. 

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