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EDUCAUSE Preview: Engage With Your Students Through Their Entire Student Life Cycle With OneWorld SIS

OneWorld Student Information System Is Built For Today’s World

OneWorldSIS-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Engage With Your Students Through Their Entire Student Life Cycle With OneWorld SIS

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s many colleges and universities managed all of their student data in a Filemaker or Access database. Higher education institutions needed the students personal information, academic information, grades and schedules and that was easy to store on a simple data base program. After their four years was done, or after their post-graduate work was done, those files went to the archives and in came more students.

Today, in order for a college or university to attract and retain the best possible student matches they need a more holistic approach to the college experience. The student lifecycle begins with recruitment and doesn’t end until that student has their degree, or their post graduate degree.

Nowadays colleges and universities need one system that can manage their recruitment, applicants and enrollment, student achievement, alumni engagement and donor management. That system also needs to be scalable, flexible and allow for tiered access.

OneWorld Student Information System (OneWorld SIS), is that system. OneWorld is built on the Microsoft Dynamic CRM and XRM platform and easily integrates with existing LMS and ERP systems as well as Microsoft Office and more.  Administrators and other users can easily access OneWorld SIS through any device and any operating system.

The robust system is easy to operate with everything at the users fingertips through customizable dashboards. Which makes it easy to retrieve, see and analyze data in a graphical environment. This simplifies the process to making actionable decisions for all of your students.   OneWorld SIS provides a host of dashboards that most universities would find essential but you can also create as many custom dashboards as you would like.

Users can easily set up a dashboard to identify where students are in the recruitment and enrollment process and set actionable tasks within OneWorld such as followups and reminders. Many schools set up retention and prevention dashboards which can identify students that fall below a certain predefined grade threshold and then quickly trigger outreach, follow up and other tasks.

Did your college or university recently do a big ad spend in a certain region for recruitment, or maybe within a school district? OneWorld SIS can track students that replied to that marketing all the way through until graduation. Now you’ll be able to analyze which marketing efforts work best.

OneWorld doesn’t stop at traditional SIS functionality. They also offer a host of other modules like equipment tracking, loan management, libraries, update notices and donor management, making it a total operational support system for most aspects of university life.

You can check out OneWorld Student Information System for yourself at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st- November 3rd, booth #652 and online at oneworldsis.com 

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