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EDUCAUSE Preview: Save Money, Save Trees With PaperCut

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE Preview: Save Money, Save Trees With PaperCutColleges and Universities Go Through Millions Of Pounds Of Paper, Take Control With PaperCut

PaperCut-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Save Money, Save Trees With PaperCut

Even in today’s digital environment, colleges and universities across the country are still using millions of pounds of paper a year. Superflous documents are being printed. Students and faculty will run 100s of copies of something before realizing there’s a big error. People will decide to print something and then forget about it. Printing can also have security and privacy risks. Printing a sensitive document to a shared printer or copy room could result in the document landing in the wrong hands. How many times have you printed out multiple copies of a presentation just to be asked for a soft-file while the hard copies just sit on a desk until they’re thrown away?

PaperCut is a printing management solution designed for large enterprise installations like college campuses. Setting up PaperCut for Education on your college campus will drastically reduce the waste paper created. It also has a wide variety of security and privacy features that make managing large institutions a snap.

PaperCut can manage student and faculty permissions across multiple printing devices. It also keeps tabs on just how much each person is printing. One of the coolest features with PaperCut is that a user can elect to print something whenever and wherever you want, but then print it out when they’re actually standing by the printer, whichever printer they want to use through a global print queue.

rSmart-Educause20182 EDUCAUSE Preview: Save Money, Save Trees With PaperCutWith PaperCut tracking and budgeting student and faculty printing is easy. The platform can also deliver reminders and encourage people not to print if it’s not necessary.  If your college or university has a pay-per-print system PaperCut offers a payment gateway where funds to pay for printing can be easily transferred from banks and Paypal.  PaperCut can also watermark printing with student and faculty names and dates. It’s also easy to manage BYOD printing environments.

PaperCut goes well beyond tracking and monitoring solutions that are built into several printers. Administrators have access to reports and analytics that will help them modify usage and spending habits.

Take control of your college or university’s printing with PaperCut, find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st- November 3rd and online at papercut.com/education 

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