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Be Prepared For Any On Campus Emergency, And Recovery With Preparis

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 Be Prepared For Any On Campus Emergency, And Recovery With PreparisEDUCAUSE Preview: Preparis Is Emergency Notification and So Much More For Colleges, Universities and Even K-12

students-preparis-EDUCAUSE-top Be Prepared For Any On Campus Emergency, And Recovery With Preparis

When disaster strikes campus administrators and faculty need to be ready to jump into action. There needs to be a plan, and there needs to be an instantaneous notification system. While many educators remember sitting under their desks in an air raid drill, for a raid that never happened, today’s collegiate environment needs to be ready for emergencies and disasters that unfortunately do happen.

Preparis, is an emergency and crisis preparedness company that goes well beyond emergency notification. Preparis helps colleges and universities develop disaster and emergency readiness plans, provides tools for educational continuity and of course has an instantaneous notification system.

Preparis focuses their strategy on all three areas of a crisis or emergency, preparing, notification and recovery. In higher education, and K-12 Preparis will help your institution with:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements, like OSHA, federal, and state safety regulations
  • Establishing and maintaining emergency communications
  • Ensuring life safety
  • Incident management

rsmart-banner-educause Be Prepared For Any On Campus Emergency, And Recovery With PreparisThe company goes beyond software as well. They understand that when disaster and emergency strikes, we’re all still human. Through rigorous preparation and educational content, Preparis wants to ensure that leaders of any educational institution can smoothly execute any kind of response plan.

With that in mind, Preparis provides a wealth of great content to prepare colleges, universities, K-12 schools, corporations, enterprises, and even apartment complexes with information they need to handle any kind of emergency.  With the recent devastation from hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the Preparis Hurricane Toolkit was featured on Fox News.

While no one wants to think about horrible things happening, and in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, Preparis offers webinars, like the upcoming, Terrorism In The Workplace webinar. We all hope nothing bad happens, Preparis makes sure we’re ready.

Preparis doesn’t stop as disaster strikes. If a college or university using Preparis has a crisis or emergency, their team will make sure that key stakeholders have crossed their T’s and dotted their i’s. Preparis knows that the Dean of Students is just that, a dean of students and not a first responder who may be used to the aftermath of a crisis. Preparis will ensure access to documents 24/7/365 via any tablet, smartphone or computer. They will also make sure stakeholders have access to all the important information even if servers are made unavailable, and they will help institutions get back to work by helping you maintain critical business operations.

It may be time for an emergency preparedness checkup. Visit with Preparis at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #131 and online at preparis.com 

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