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EDUCAUSE Preview: OneCampus From rSmart Is The One Mobile Tool Students Need

OneCampus From rSmart Puts Your Entire Campus Under One App For Students

OneCampus-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: OneCampus From rSmart Is The One Mobile Tool Students Need

We talk a lot here about how students have changed and evolved. Millennial and post millennial students are used to doing things a different way than their predecessors and for the most part, that way is mobile. Although it’s sometimes a hard fact to swallow, incoming college freshmen have never lived in a world without Google. They don’t remember times before Facebook and smartphones. Heck most of them were around 8 years old when Steve Jobs debuted the original iPhone. That’s fundamentally changed the way today’s students think.

Today’s students are also used to getting the information they want and need themselves, on their personal mobile devices. While many of them know how to use the web on a smartphone, they’re way more comfortable with mobile first platforms and apps. The last big factor about today’s college students, patience isn’t a virtue of theirs.

Colleges and universities use a wide range of systems to help with campus life. There’s an SIS for student information, an LMS for learning and instruction, transportation systems, virtual money systems, ticketing systems, communications systems and social networks. It’s great that a lot of campuses use all of this technology but it can be frustrating when you’ve woken up late for class, your stomachs growling and you’ve missed the bus. Couple that with the fact that you think you missed your tuition payment and that’s a recipe for a disastrous day.

OneCampus from rSmart is an app and platform that brings all of the important campus systems under one, extremely easy to navigate app, that let’s students connect to the things they want and need, quickly. Students download, install and register for OneCampus and then once they open the app they can find things like their grades, their tuition payment history, bus and game schedules, library hours and more. Just about everything they need to get through life on campus is in one easy to use experience.

rSmart brought OneCampus to market as a “digital concierge” service in 2014. Ask students at any of the more than 80 universities that use the app and you’ll find that it’s more of a life line than a concierge.

Some of the more favorite OneCampus features include:

  • Search/Navigation
  • Favorites
  • Announcements
  • Most Popular
  • Featured Tasks
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Responsive Design

What colleges and universities love about OneCampus is it makes navigation easy for the students and it looks and feels like the internet and mobile apps they’re used to. There’s no slowing down when it comes to OneCampus and today’s modern students can find things out for themselves, the way they like to.

You can find out more about OneCampus at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3rd and online here at 

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