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EDUCAUSE Preview: Realizeit, Helps Students Realize Their Full Learning Potential

Realizeit Is An Adaptive Learning Platform That Helps Students Realize Their Potential And Become Successful

Realizeit-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Realizeit, Helps Students Realize Their Full Learning Potential

By a quick show of hands, who reading this was one of those students that wasn’t working to their full potential? What about those of you that sped through a lesson to drift off to sleep waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. These scenarios can prove quite challenging to any educator K-20, especially in higher education where there are far more students in the classroom. Dealing with these students needs, helping them realize their full potential, is too much for a single teacher. What if there was technology that could help.

There is.

Realizeit is an adaptive learning platform that helps students achieve their full potential.

We’ve talked about adaptive learning quite a bit in the last year or so. Technology allows learning platforms to grow with the learner. Realizeit has mastered one of the biggest benefits to an adaptive learning platform. Realizeit offers individualized feedback, that helps guide students through the best learning path and builds upon the students strengths and weaknesses.

Realizeit can identify what students know and what students don’t know, wasting less time regurgitating things they already know and focusing on teaching them new things. This is what all teachers wish they had more hours in a day to do.

“Students are able to maximize their learning time by focusing on what they don’t know, and can potentially reduce education costs by demonstrating what they do know.” the company says on their website.

While the Realizeit platform is maximizing impact with the student, it’s also providing realtime feedback to the instructor which allows him or her to spend time with the student on the things they need to learn. Realizeit can also quickly identify students that may be able to help other students grasp the material.

Whether higher education, corporate learning or K-12, institutions using Realizeit are seeing improved outcomes in:

  • Engagement
  • Persistence
  • Achievement
  • Mastery

Realizeit offers a complete set of solutions which means institutions can take what they need. They offer an intelligent adaptive platform as a service. They also offer a large content library and a team of experts that can help with implementation and then further down the line to help users understand exactly what the platform is telling them.

We all know the power of adaptive learning and the power of potential, they help you, Realizeit.

You can find out more in person at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd and online at realizeitlearning.com