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EDUCAUSE Preview: Protect Your Students and Faculty With Regroup

modolabs-banner EDUCAUSE Preview: Protect Your Students and Faculty With RegroupRegroup Goes Above and Beyond To Provide College Campuses With A Reliable, Feature Packed Mass Notification Platform.

regroup-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Protect Your Students and Faculty With Regroup

Active shooters, nearby criminal activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards or even blackouts are reasons you need to reach your students and faculty instantly and on any and every platform available. When thousands of parents are putting the lives’ of their young adult children into your hands you can’t second guess the technology at your disposal.

Regroup is a mass notification platform that surpasses the standards under the Clery Act.

College campuses are evolving, communication technology is evolving as well. Today, campuses need to be able to communicate with their faculty and students via email, phone, text message, app alert, digital signage and other systems. Campuses need to be able to simultaneously alert local law enforcement and emergency personnel should the situation arise.

Regroup can do all of this and more.

The feature packed platform allows for critical alerts and notifications as well as day to day alerts and communication. With Regroup, stakeholders can communicate with their entire campus community immediately.

With Regroup sending emergency messages is as easy as sending an email. Administrators can activate the system and send notifications from tablets, smartphones and computers. The system employs the highest measure of security to ensure that only the right people are sending authentic, important messages.

Regroup also has features you won’t find in other mass notification systems including automated weather alerts, geo-targeted messages and even single sign on and customizable portals.

Regroup also has a two way communication feature which will allow students and faculty to check in and let stakeholders know they are safe.  It’s also one of the only mass notification systems that allows notifications across multiple campuses even if they’re miles away.

When there’s not an on-campus emergency, Regroup is the perfect application for day to day alerts including; schedule changes and closures, policy changes and updates, school events and newsletters, faculty notices and updates, tuition reminders, maintenance reminders, even on campus sports scores.

Regroup’s team of professionals can talk to you about your mass notification needs also about preparing for campus emergencies at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #848 and online at regroup.com 

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