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EDUCAUSE Preview: Salty Cloud Has Proven Security Solutions For Higher Ed

saltycloud-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Salty Cloud Has Proven Security Solutions For Higher EdSalty Cloud Knows Higher Ed Security

Colleges and Universities are often the largest, most complex networks for security firms and password management software to handle. Salty Cloud, an Austin based cyber security startup has the knowledge, understanding and technology to deliver, not only to higher ed but to sophisticated, large and distributed enterprise.

Whether your institution is 300 users or 30,000 users, Salty Cloud’s scalable software solutions deliver security and pass of mind.

Salty Cloud currently offers five products:

Stache: A password manager for teams. Stache provides a higher education institution or highly distributed environment with a streamlined, secure, web-based solution to store sensitive credentials or strings using FIPS 140-2 compliant hardware security modules as well as providing escrow and collaboration capabilities.

Dorkbot: is vulnerability assessment software. It identifies potentially high risk web applications from public sources and narrows down from there in a very efficient manner. Salty Cloud offers Dorkbot free to Higher Education and it’s already in use on 200 campuses.

Panopticon: is a robust workflow management, automation, and system of record for your security operations team. It’s been proven at scale with a large multi year deployment of over one million end points.

SENF: Sensitive Number Finder could save your campus or institution from a lot of heartache, headache and embarrassment. SENF provides a college or university with a wide range of tools for data leak protection all the while constantly searching for sensitive numbers like social security numbers, student IDs and credit card information. When these kind of leaks are detected your team is immediately notified making it easier to plug the leak before it grows to the next front page news story.

ISORA: Is a state of the art risk assessment tool for higher education. ISORA is an enterprise-wide risk assessment application that can also ensure compliance of targeted systems/units/devices with specific regulations like PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and/or specific state statues. ISORA is a web-based solution built to be flexible and scalable for any environment – From a few hundred devices to a large federated environment consisting 100,000 devices.

Salty Cloud develops easy to implement solutions built for the largest colleges and universities in the country. You can meet with their team in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31 – November 3 and you can find them online at