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EDUCAUSE Preview: Keep In Touch With Your Entire Campus With Signal Vine

Signal Vine Offers An Easier, Better Way To Keep In Touch With Students

signalvine-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Keep In Touch With Your Entire Campus With Signal Vine

In some ways colleges and universities weren’t ready for the onslaught of smartphone users and texters on college campuses across the country. In the last five years, more and more colleges have resorted to text messaging students to keep them up to date with important information from grades, class announcements, schedule changes and of course emergencies.

Many college campuses resorted to quick fix solutions to get bulk text messages out to students. Those platforms may not have been as scalable as needed to handle campuses ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 students. SignalVine is.

SignalVine does one thing, and they do it very well, and that’s scalable, mass texting. The SignalVine platform is helping college campuses across the U.S. with:

  • Admissions and Enrollment. Quickly send reminder updates to prospective students with application deadlines. Communicate with current students about tuition expenses and other important matters.
  • Enterprise Communications System: securely oversee student and staff conversations campus wide, department and campus wide communication, coordinating case loads by department, program or staff member.
  • Advising and Retention: Instructors can quickly answer students questions, even schedule and remind students about upcoming advising appointments.
  • Financial Aid: Students and Faculty can use SignalVine to connect students with financial aid offices and give them reminders about important dates coming up
  • Campus Wide Emergency Communications: SignalVine can be used to quickly reach the entire campus, students and faculty in case of an emergency situation like a lock down or even a non-emergency situation like a power outage at a campus building.

Texting through SignalVine isn’t just about communication, it’s been proven that students who can text their advisors actually perform better. A study at Pellissippi State Community College showed that Tennessee Promise Scholars had higher GPAs and were more likely to persist into the next semester when they could text their advisors, according to this case study.

See the SignalVine difference at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st – November 3rd, Booth #642 and online at signalvine.com