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EDUCAUSE: SpyCloud Protects Accounts Before They’re Taken Over

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE: SpyCloud Protects Accounts Before They're Taken OverSpyCloud Protects College and University Accounts and Credentials Before They Are Taken Over.

spycloud-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE: SpyCloud Protects Accounts Before They're Taken Over

SpyCloud protects student and faculty accounts, logons, email addresses and credentials. Their system and team of cybersecurity experts can let you know before accounts are compromised.

Let’s face it, even though we are warned every single day to be vigilante with our usernames and online credentials, most people use the same logons for multiple systems and accounts. We go about our day nonchalantly believing that we will never get hacked. Well wake up, because we were all led to believe that Equifax was the Fort Knox of cyber security and you see what happened there.

Regardless of the level of warning, it’s most likely going to go ignored. Luckily there’s Austin based cybersecurity startup, SpyCloud. SpyCloud has your back in ways that aren’t only effective but they’re actually really freaking cool.

SpyCloud takes your domain information, usernames, credentials and email addresses and once they’re entered into the system they protect your faculty and student body before account take over. They also monitor the underworld to see if your information is being traded amongst identity thieves. Unfortunately millions of people’s cyber-identities are being traded and sold in the darkweb and we don’t even realize it.

SpyCloud’s colleges, universities, large corporations and more, to stay one step ahead of ATO (account take over). It starts with intelligence collection. Using a mix of humans, IT departments and their own proprietary SpySight engine they proactively gather all of the important information on every user in your organization. They use a super fast and accurate system for automated breach matching. When your information is breached they can immediately notify you and prevent costly errors.  It’s really like LifeLock for your systems usernames, credentials, email addresses and other personal information.

SpyCloud’s services include:

  • Account takeover prevention
  • API
  • Account Fraud Investigation
  • Proactive Breach Notifications
  • Enterprise and University Active Directory Protection
  • NIST Password Screening

SpyCloud’s services are completely scalable so whether your student body is 5,000 students or 65,000 students, SpyCloud can protect everyone.

There are a lot of cybersecurity companies out there but SpyCloud puts their money where their mouth is and they are the winners of the 2017 NATO Defense Innovation Award.

Now this is really cool:

This is the part of the EDUCAUSE Preview where we tell you that you can visit SpyCloud in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3 but the cool part is you can go to their booth and see if your personal information is being traded on the dark web or black market. If it is, SpyCloud’s team can tell you how to fix it and protect yourself in the future.

Check out SpyCloud online at 

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