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Symantec Putting Higher Ed Cyber Security Teams To The Test

symantec-cyber-top Symantec Putting Higher Ed Cyber Security Teams To The TestSymantec Hosting Online Cyber Security Challenge For Higher Ed, Winners To Be Announced at EDUCAUSE

Behind the cyber-walls of every college and university is treasure trove of wealth in the form of personal identifiable information. Most major universities will hold more PII about an individual student than any other entity in their entire lives. With students eating, sleeping, working and learning on campus, everything including their medical records, social security numbers, bank account information, parents names and information and more is protected by their college or university’s cyber security team.

All of that PII makes higher ed institutes a major target for hackers across the globe. In fact, since 2005 there have been over 500 documented breaches involving over 13 million known records according to University Business.   Even some of the biggest university’s in the country have fallen under attack including Harvard (2015), Penn State (2015) and the University of Maryland (2014)

That’s why Symantec, a leader in the computer and cyber security space, is hosting the “Higher Ed Cybersecurity Competition” October 19th and 20th. The competition will put university security teams from around the country in a live cyber security simulation inspired by real-life security issues.

Symantec says that participating teams will:

  • Walk in an adversary’s footsteps to understand motivations
  • Understand the five stages of a cyber-attack – Reconnaissance, Incursion, Discovery, Capture and Exfiltration
  • Develop and practice offensive skills to aid in defense
  • Apply knowledge and experience to real-world problems
  • Expand their security awareness and build cyber skills while earning Continuing Education Credits

Teams will earn points by obtaining flags and entering them into a scoring system. Up to three teams of four from each university may apply to participate. Participants must be employed by the institution as IT faculty.  The winning institutions will be recognized at an on-site exclusive event at EDUCAUSE the largest higher ed technology conference in the country, held in Philadelphia October 31- November 3.

“By honoring them at this event, Symantec wants to showcase the winners’ skills, dedication and knowledge before industry experts and education technology peers.” Symantec said.

Interested teams can apply to participate here with event code highered17