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EDUCAUSE: SysCloud’s Protection Goes Beyond Cyber Security & Filtering

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE: SysCloud's Protection Goes Beyond Cyber Security & FilteringSysCloud Protects Students On and Offline

syscloud-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE: SysCloud's Protection Goes Beyond Cyber Security & Filtering

On the surface SysCloud is a cyber security company in the business of protecting students and faculty at universities across the country from cyber security threats.

SysCloud protects your cloud based systems like G-Suite and O365 Mail, Drive and Chat,  with the same if not better, enterprise class security that you would expect from a local system. SysCloud’s always on functionality is constantly checking your cloud based systems for threats, malware, phishing and more.

SysCloud knows that colleges and universities are complex organisms with thousands if not tens od thousands of users. Add to that the fact that an entire tier of users are on enterprise sized systems for the first time in their lives, and that ups the ante when it comes to protection. For instance, users of your university’s G-Suite or O-Office systems may be sharing confidential information. This could be completely without malice, however SysCloud can let your IT team know when that is occurring to protect your institution from threats that could cost thousands if not millions of dollars in damages.

Are your cloud based systems and their users acting within compliance? SysCloud offers single click audit of regulations including FERPA, CIPA and even offers ready to use policy templates for automated protection.

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE: SysCloud's Protection Goes Beyond Cyber Security & FilteringSysCloud’s vision is to keep 100 million students worldwide safe online and at schools, colleges and universities.  They do this in obvious ways as described above but they take the protection of our students to the next level. SysCloud and it’s filtering technology can also scan your cloud based networks for signs of self harm, cyber bullying, adult content, radicalization and other dangerous conversations that could ultimately lead to saving and changing students lives.

SysCloud already supports over 1 million users, with 400 million documents and 200 billion emails. Thousands of schools across the country trust SysCloud to protect their cloud based systems and their students.

Find out more, visit SysCloud in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3 and online at SysCloud.com 

proctori0-720x90 EDUCAUSE: SysCloud's Protection Goes Beyond Cyber Security & Filtering

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